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Are you no longer using your Uber Eats account and trying to figure out how to delete an Uber Eats account? If so, then you are at the right place. Uber Eats allows you to place orders with various restaurants, and then they deliver the items right to your door. Still, there are many reasons not to use the service, including that it costs too much. So, how to delete your Uber Eats account?

It is only possible to delete your account from Uber Eats if you remove your overall Uber account, including your ride-hailing service. Further, you have a month to change your mind after deactivating your Uber account during the 30 days. You will lose your past credits and Uber history after the 30-day deactivation period.

Method to Delete An Uber Eats Account

You can use Uber Eats to order food from restaurants near you. However, it is also possible if you do not use the Uber Eats service anymore and want to delete it. You cannot delete Uber Eats without also deleting your Uber account in its entirety. 

During this 30-day deactivation period, your past rides and credits will remain; however, the account will be permanently closed after 30 days. 

It might be a good idea to stop using Uber Eats altogether, so you can delete the Uber Eats standalone app from your iPhone or Android phone while sticking with your primary Uber app. Following are the steps to follow to delete the Uber Eats account.

  • Go to the Uber Eats website on your computer, smartphone, or tablet by opening the browser of choice.
  • Click the Login button.
  • If you are an Uber Eats user, you must enter your email address or mobile number.
  • Then, you will require adding a password to your Uber Eats account and press Next.
  • You will receive a text message with a four-digit code if your account is set up with two-factor verification in a few minutes. Enter the code you receive into the box on the website and click the Verify button. On the Uber Eats website, sign in to your account.
  • On the top-right corner, click the name of your account.
  • Click the Help option.
  • Navigate to the Account and Payment Options page.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Delete my Uber Eats account.
  • There will be a new tab open in your browser, and you will need to re-enter your password. Type your email and password into the field and click Next.
  • All the services you have connected to your Uber account will appear. Click Continue to proceed.
  • Select the reason for deleting your account.
  • Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete account.
  • Once your request has been processed, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. The web version of Uber and all of its apps will now log you out. You will have 30 days to cancel your account.
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What to Do if You Want to Reactivate Your Uber Eats Account?

Your Uber Eats account goes away once you submit your deletion request, and you’ll automatically log out. However, you can reactivate your account within the next 30 days if you change your mind.

Uber’s servers will delete most of your account information after 30 days; however, some information about your account may remain.

Within 30 days of deactivating your Uber Eats account, it can be reactivated at any time in case you change your mind. It is easy to sign up for Uber Eats by going to their website or opening their app and logging in. 

You will not have to do anything else once you log in. Also, keep in mind that deleting your Uber account will not delete your Uber Eats orders or Uber trips from Uber servers.


If you want to order food from nearby restaurants, you can use Uber Eats. You can also delete the Uber Eats app if you no longer use it. The deletion of Uber Eats will require you to delete your Uber account entirely. You can still access your past rides and credits during this 30-day deactivation period. After 30 days, a permanent closure will occur.

Rather than using Uber Eats, it might be a good idea to disable the app altogether and use the Uber app while deleting the Uber Eats’ standalone app. However, if you’d still like to delete your account, the above article will provide you with all the information you need.

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