What Is 7-Eleven’s Net Worth?

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Have you ever stopped and wondered about 7-Eleven’s net worth? Even if it has never crossed your mind, several investors consider this figure. A company’s net worth is the best indicator of how it’s faring. 

As of March 2022, the net worth of 7-Eleven is $40.94 billion. As impressive as this figure is, it’s bound to change because of market fluctuations and other external factors. However, for a chain of convenience stores, this net worth places them among the top 500 most valuable corporations worldwide. In other words, it’s doing well in the business world.

It’s safe to say that 7-Eleven has thrived regardless of the changes in trends. This popular chain of convenience stores is worth millions today. This article details more facts about this US-based company.

What is 7-Eleven?

7-Eleven is a retail firm based in the United States of America. The company’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. It’s the most prominent global convenience store chain in the United States.

Joe C. Thompson founded 7-Eleven in 1927. The company’s primary aim is to provide customers with convenience stores where they can easily purchase products. 7Eleven established a reputation in the franchise industry, where it is frequently regarded as a top-five franchisor.

7-Eleven distributes partially frozen soft drinks called Slurpee and Big Gulp, the latter of which was debuted in 1976. Additionally, they sell private brand products, fresh-made sandwiches, and other groceries. The convenience store also offers a product delivery service.

7-Eleven’s Net Worth

You can calculate a company’s net worth by deducting all its debts and liabilities from its assets. If the value of the assets exceeds the obligations, the net worth is positive, which is good. However, if the net worth is negative, there are more liabilities (or debt) than assets. This is an indicator of the company’s poor performance. 

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The Net worth of 7-Eleven is around $40.94 billion as of March 2022. According to our calculations, this places them as the 449th most valuable corporation globally. Current shareholders and potential investors will find this position favorable.


Knowing a business’s net worth gives you a holistic view of its finances and allows you to follow its progress. 7-Eleven has a positive net worth. This shows that the chain of convenience stores has a strong standing despite competition in the market.

Bear in mind that these values are subject to change. And it’s important to keep track of these changes by studying marketing trends. That said, this means that the business’s net worth might not be the same next year.

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