What Is Dollar General’s Net Worth?

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When you watch NASCAR, Dollar General’s net worth may be the last thing that comes to mind. That’s understandable. But if you want to include Dollar General in your investment portfolio, its net worth is a point of interest.

During the last months of 2021, Dollar General’s net worth was $53 billion. This figure differs from the annual revenue from selling goods and the amount it spends on sponsorship. Aside from selling other companies’ goods, DG has its personal merchandise. Most of these products are household objects like cosmetics, cleaning agents, and pet food.

If you’re a NASCAR fan, you may see Dollar General’s sponsorships more often. The company is also renowned within the U.S. Therefore, knowing Dollar General’s net worth is vital for current shareholders and potential investors.

What is Dollar General?

Dollar General is a business chain corporation founded by James Luther Turner in Scottsville, Kentucky. Formally known as J.L. Turner and Son, the family organization was passed down from one generation to another. Since its foundation, Dollar General has produced several unique merchandise, especially household items.

The company also sells the products of various well-known brands like Kellogg’s, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola. Besides selling consumer products, Dollar General is an active sponsor of various car races. This includes the NTT Indycar series and the HondaGrand Prix of St Petersburg. 

What is Dollar General’s Net Worth?

The net worth of Dollar General is measured by the company’s various income sources. Dollar General sells goods from several top producers that rule the market. These goods include beverages, food items, drinks, clothes, beauty aids, health products, housewares, and cleaning agents.

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Dollar General has about 158,000 employees and made sales worth $33.7 billion. After subtracting the company’s assets from its liabilities, you’ll arrive at its net worth. During the last quarter of 2021, the overall net worth of Dollar General was $53.116 billion. This has made Dollar General one of the top-ranked companies on Forbes.


Dollar General is a chain of business organizations that has made a name for itself with several achievements. Its net worth over the years has risen, owing to its many stores and trades. 

You can determine a company or an individual’s net worth by subtracting the liabilities from the assets. As a potential investor or shareholder in any organization, it’s essential to look into the company’s net worth. This will inform you about its level of growth and stability. And looking at Dollar General’s net worth, it’s clear this company is stable and growing.

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