What Is Lululemon’s Net Worth?

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Lululemon’s net worth is generated from its services like any other brand. If you’re into yoga or any form of sports, you might have heard a lot about this brand. Even if you haven’t, you must have come across several leggings or other apparel made by them. So, what value does this company have in business asides from sports?

The company’s net worth as of 2022 is $48.73 billion, placing it among the top 400 most valuable companies worldwide. Although this is a drop from their $51 billion worth in 2021, it’s a far cry from their $30 billion in 2019. With this, it’s safe to say that Lululemon is doing well in the business world. 

What is Lululemon?

This company is known as Lululemon Athletica, a sports apparel retailer that has its headquarters in Vancouver. Chip Wilson founded the company in 1988 but opened its first store in 2000. He gave his founding this unique name with hopes that it would appeal to Japanese buyers.

The company sold its shares for the first time in 2007, raising over $300 million. Christine Day, who was once a co-president at Starbucks, became a chief executive officer in 2008. 

Lululemon spread its wings out of America and opened its first store in Europe in 2014. Five years later, the company, which had experienced impressive growth, invested in Mirror, a fitness company. In 2020, it announced its intentions to purchase Mirror fully because of the increased demand for fitness tools.

Though the company started as a yoga wear retailer, it has expanded to include accessories and other products. Customers can also order their products online and have them delivered.

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Lululemon’s Net Worth

When an organization or an individual has more assets than liabilities, they’re said to have a positive net worth. On the other hand, the figure is negative when liabilities are more than assets. 

A positive value indicates good financial health, while a negative value signifies poor standing. In most cases, individuals or companies interested in investing prefer an organization with a good net worth.

In the case of Lululemon, the company can be said to be financially sound as its net worth is a whopping $48,73 billion. Its net worth as of 2021 was $51 billion and $45 billion in 2020.


Lululemon has made a significant impact in sports, fashion, and business. Sports will remain an evergreen activity as long as this world is concerned. Therefore, retailers like Lululemon will always remain in business. And looking at its net worth, it’s easy to see why many find the company a sound investment.

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