What Is The Dutch Bros. Straw Code? 

2 years ago
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Have you ever wondered: What is the Dutch Bros. straw code? If you’ve been to Dutch Bros. Coffee, you’ve probably seen the different color straws given to customers. According to urban legend, the colors are part of a secret language used by employees to engage with each other. Supposedly, each color is used to communicate everything from the customer’s vibe to how they look.

There are 5 straws of different colors: blue, pink, yellow, green, and orange. These colors supposedly deliver a message on your personality or behavior, judged by the barista. Therefore, if the barista deems you rude or unattractive, you’ll receive a blue or green straw. Yellow or orange shows you are mediocre or awkward, in that order. Pink, however, means you’re attractive. 

What is the Dutch Bros. Straw Code: The Colors & What Do They Mean?

Let’s crack the code of these straw colors and find out what they apparently mean.

  • Blue Straw: This symbolizes that you were rude or unpleasant in the eyes of the barista.
  • Pink Straw: If you receive a pink straw, it shows that the barista thinks you’re attractive.
  • Yellow Straw: This straw color signifies that the barista thinks you’re so-so or average.
  • Green Straw: According to rumors, receiving a green straw means that your barista thought you were ugly or unsightly.
  • Orange Straw: When receiving an orange straw, it apparently means that you came across as weird or strange to the barista.

Is the Dutch Bros. Straw Code Real? 

The short answer is no. 

When baristas working for Dutch Bros. Coffee were asked about this mysterious code, they confirmed that it’s not true. These baristas explained that the stores are often so busy that they wouldn’t have time to worry about straw colors. They said they tend to use pink and orange straws most often because they look good with the product.

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The Dutch Bros. Coffee employees then added that the company would never do anything to make their customers uncomfortable. Therefore, they would never judge their customers on their appearance or make fun of them in any way.


So, there you have it. The Dutch Bros. straw code in a nutshell. We may have received confirmation from the employees at one of their stores that the code is not a thing. However, it seems the truth about whether Dutch Bros. baristas actually use this code is still up for debate.

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