What Is The Game’s Net Worth?

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Given the popularity of the American rapper and actor, many people wonder: What is The Game’s net worth? Jayceon Terrell Taylor, aka the Game, has inspired thousands with his journey and garnered great success in his career.

His net worth is approximately $22 million. He made a large portion of his earnings from his 2005 album titled ‘The Documentary’ and his 2006 album ‘Doctor’s Advocate.’ The two record albums made him $5 million and $3 million, respectively. Besides making music, he starred in movies like Street Kings and Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club.

If you’re keen to know more about the net worth of the Game and his story, read on.

Who Is The Game?

The Game, or Jayceon Terrell Taylor, was born in 1979 in Compton, Los Angeles. He had a rough childhood influenced by the rival gangs in that part of the city. Also, Jayceon and his brother spent 6 months in foster care before returning to their mother.

Things weren’t looking well for the young Jacyeon, who dropped out of college. He became more and more associated with gang life until being shot. After waking up from a coma, Jayceon dedicated his life to rap music.

The Game recorded and sold impactful albums like ‘The Documentary,’ ‘LAX,’ and ‘Jesus Piece.’ His collaboration and work under Dr. Dre helped him rise in the music industry. He reached for the stars, collaborating with major names in the industry like 50 Cent and acting in several movies.

Jayceon never forgot where he came from, as confirmed by his donation with 50 Cent to Compton schools. Today, he is known for stressing the importance and impact of his upbringing on his decisions and life.

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What is The Game’s Net Worth?

Knowing about the net worth of The Game truly shows the rapper’s long journey and his success. Being valued at roughly $22 million, he inspires many, especially when one learns about his history.

According to one interview, he tells the youth to pursue higher limits continuously and remain loyal to themselves. In 2013, he announced his goal to donate $1 million to charity and people in need with his “Robin Hood” project.


Knowing the story behind his net worth is truly motivating and inspiring. The 5 million copies sold of The Game’s ‘The Documentary’ album remain a highlight in the rapper’s career. On top of this, his acting career and remaining rap work have contributed to his overall net worth of $22 million.

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