Who Owns Boost Mobile?

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If you want to know who owns Boost Mobile, this article is for you. The 10+ million subscribers of Boost Mobile rank it among the top mobile alternatives. Boost Mobiles has quickly surpassed the millions of subscriber milestones with its excellent service and offers. But who owns it?

Dish Network, the parent company of Boost Mobile, owns the company. The company was previously part of Sprint and used Sprint’s network to offer its services. Sprint later announced a $1.4 billion acquisition deal for Boost Mobile with Dish Network.

Let’s find out more about this service provider

What is Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile is a wireless carrier based in the United States and Australia. They offer a range of wireless phone plans, including data, text, and call plans. 

Furthermore, they sell phones as well. In addition to offering a variety of data packages, Boost Mobile also provides free music streaming and unlimited calls and texts.

The company’s USP is that it offers lower prices than its competitors. With Boost Mobile, you’ll get services for less money than you would if you went to a well-known brand.

According to Boost Mobile, 99% of the US has coverage. You shouldn’t have any problems with coverage or reception while using Boost Mobile in the US.

Who Owns Boost Mobile?

Dish Network is the owner of Boost Mobile. In the past, Boost Mobile belonged to Sprint, and the company offered its services on the Sprint network. Later, a deal worth $1.4 billion was signed by Dish Network and Sprint to acquire Boost Mobile.

As Boost Mobile’s CEO, Stephen Stokols also owns Dish Wireless, which provides high-speed internet services. Aside from being an innovator, he is also the founder and CEO of FreedomPop. 

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After Dish acquired Boost, Stephen Stokols contacted the company to inquire if he could look after the newly acquired company. 

With Boost Mobile expanding further to accommodate more customers, Stephen realizes an opportunity to go digital to reach a larger market. 

He also sees Boost’s assets as an opportunity for innovation. And he opes to take advantage of unlimited data service and phone plans. 

According to Stephen, some customers choose unlimited plans. But they aren’t even using the total amount, making their plans cost around $10 to $20 per month.


In the United States and Australia, Boost Mobile is one of the leading wireless carriers. You can choose from a range of Wireless Phone Plans that include plans for data, texting, and calling. 

Boost Mobile also offers music streaming, unlimited calling, texting, and data plans that are customizable to fit your personal needs. In addition, the company is owned by Dish Network. 

It was previously a part of Sprint, and Boost Mobile provided its services through the Sprint network in the past. Dish Network and Sprint have agreed to spend $1.4 billion to acquire Boost Mobile later in the year. 

Until then, Dish Network owns Boost Mobile. New Boost Mobile CEO says gaining more new customers is the first thing he will focus on. Offering them 50% off might be a significant factor in attracting them.

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