Who Owns Buffalo Wild Wings?

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If you want to know “who owns Buffalo Wild Wings,” this article is for you. The chain of Buffalo Wild Wings offers casual dining and a wide range of sports. The chain has since become a worldwide brand.

The owner of Buffalo Wild Wings is Arby’s. Buffalo Wild Wings was started in 1982 by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery as a casual dining restaurant. Their menu features delicious and unique flavors that are made to order. You’ll find several special items on the menu in this restaurant, including Buffalo wings and chicken wings.

What Is Buffalo Wild Wings?

The Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain consists of casual eating establishments and sports bars. Buffalo Wild Wings was based in the United States in 1982. 

It’s the franchisor and owner of a worldwide restaurant that offers delicious and unique made-to-order flavors. It comes with unique menu items containing Buffalo wings and chicken Wings influenced by New-York styles.

Moreover, the menu page also contains the world’s best boneless chicken Wings, Wild Flatbreads, popcorn shrimp, and many more. One of the exciting features is Buffalo Wild Wings’ multimedia atmosphere that fascinates the sports fans and families. 

Its modern digital interior style gives the mind-blowing opportunity of screening sports events or other programs on more than 50 television or projection screens. 

Who Owns Buffalo Wild Wings?

Arby’s is the owner of Buffalo Wild Wings. However, Scott Lowery and Jim Disbrow were behind the creation of Buffalo Wild Wings. There is an interesting story behind this delicious and fun place. 

About 35 years ago, Jim and Scott were craving buffalo wings, but no Wings were available near their town. So, they had only two choices: a long road drive to New York or opening a tasty Wings place next to home. Thankfully they chose the latter one.

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However, Arby’s had locked the deal to buy Buffalo Wild Wings in 2017. Today, they have franchises in every state of the United States, Mexico, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Oman, India, and many other countries. 

The most appealing thing is they have introduced the unmatched joy of watching sports with friends and family while having mouth-watering buffalo Wings spun in tasteful sauces. 

At first, their multimedia idea starts with music videos and rainbow art. Then they succeed in creating an environment with a front-row seat for every sports fan and family. 


If you are a great fan of buffalo wings swirled with their signature sauces and seasoning, there’s nothing more exciting than to take a front-row seat at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

You can even play video games while dining with your friends and a combo of juicy wings and fries. Its customers can choose to dine in bar areas or open areas with plenty of seating choices.

No matter how much they have changed, their taste and atmosphere are still appealing and fascinating.

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