Who Owns Etsy?

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Etsy is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms globally, which might make you wonder, “Who owns Etsy?” Etsy is where artists and makers sell digitally downloadable items, such as stationery designs, art prints, etc. But who owns it?

Ever since it began operations in June 2005, Etsy Inc. has owned the company. To date, it does not appear to be in the process of being acquired. Since then, the company has added a variety of e-commerce platforms, enabling manufacturers and retailers to collaborate.

Let’s dive deeper into what Etsy is.

What is Etsy?

Etsy lets independent artists, designers, and craftspeople sell their products online. Etsy offers handmade crafts, art supplies, toys, collectibles, etc. Its sellers make, collect, curate, and sell everything on the site, differentiating it from its competitors. 

Independent business owners take care of their orders and inventory and produce their products. By acting as a middleman, Etsy makes it possible for artists to reach new audiences. 

As part of its offering, it organizes its products by categories to make search queries more specific and offers to browse history-based product recommendations. 

Those interested in finding a specific item can use the search bar up top on Etsy’s official website. However, suppose you want to search for particular keywords or items. In that case, Etsy provides a link to different buying categories beneath the search box. 

It is possible to buy items on the site without having an Etsy account, and you can also use guest checkout. Like other online retailers, purchasing involves adding items to a virtual cart before completing the checkout process.

Who Owns Etsy?

Etsy Inc. owns the company, with John Silverman as CEO currently. With no support from a parent company, Etsy has been run and operated by John Silverman and Etsy Inc.’s Board of Directors.

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From 2004 to 2010, Etsy’s tremendous growth allowed the company to survive and continue to acquire other eCommerce marketplaces, including Blackbird Technologies.

The company has changed its staff and CEOs since Rob Kalin got fired in July 2011. Meanwhile, Etsy has been putting in a lot of effort to compete with Amazon and eBay.

Each Etsy shop owner is responsible for both inventory management and shipping. Some Etsy sellers offer free shipping options, with others offering a variety of shipping methods. 

When you order from multiple sellers, there is a good chance that the packages will arrive from different shipping companies at different times, even if you ordered them all simultaneously.


Etsy is an online store that deals in unique products and provides a community for its customers. You can find gifts from independent craftsmen and small businesses through this website. Etsy connects artists with potential customers by acting as a middleman. 

At present, John Silverman is the CEO of Etsy. Keeping in line with Etsy’s mission of supporting local businesses, Etsy hasn’t sold out to another large corporation yet. Ownership of the website still lies with the same company that founded Etsy in 2005.

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