Who Owns FuboTV?

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If you love watching streaming television services, you might also know about FuboTV and wonder: Who owns FuboTV? Many brands offering streaming television services have increased dramatically in the past few years. But there are only a few quality services like FuboTV that provide quality content. So, who owns it?

David Gandler is the CEO and co-founder of FuboTV Inc. The company’s mission is to establish itself as a world leader in global live television. There are numerous sports channels offered on this streaming television service. Though the FuboTV service is relatively more expensive than other streaming television services, the quality of the content it provides justifies its cost.

This article will provide more information on what FuboTV is.

What Is FuboTV?

FuboTV is a streaming television service that offers many sports contents. Live TV services range from affordable to costly, and FuboTV is at the high end of the market. 

It’s not affordable, but if you need a lot of channels and like watching sports, this may be the right choice. FuboTV has advanced to become one of the best cable substitutes. 

It started as a platform with a primary focus on football. The bottom-tier Pro plan for all users costs $70; this plan offers 120 channels and includes major broadcasting cable networks. The pro plan also allows streaming in 4K of some selected content.

The FuboTV user interface is smooth that comes with a 250-hour Cloud DVR. This largest high-priced streaming service includes various local networks and popular cable brands. 

The FuboTV company included various popular channels like ABC and ESPN in 2010. However, it led to the removal of Turned-owned channels, e.g., TNT. However, it also doesn’t have an A & E network.

Who Owns FuboTV?

Founder and CEO of FuboTV, David Gandler, is a prominent figure in the industry. His mission is to be a world-leading global live TV. It offers a wide range of premium content, interactivity, and integrated betting.

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Under the leadership of David, it aims to rapidly evolve from US football streaming services to cable TV alternative and surpass the industry’s current TV models. It is currently available in North America, France, and Spain. 

FuboTV Corporation aims to transform its non-active viewers into active viewers with subscriptions. It also defines the newer sports and entertainment television category with a unique platform for streaming live TV and sports.


FuboTV is a leader in live streaming services. It aims to become the biggest streaming service; it has added several channels on the platform. It supports streaming up to 1080p. However, the quality of content primarily depends on the user’s channel, program, and device compatibility. 

Most of the content on the FuboTV platform is only available at most up to 720p. FuboTV also does several limited promotional events in 4K on devices that can play 4k content.

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