Who Owns Hermes?

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If you are a fan of luxury fashion and designs, you might know about Hermes and ask, “who owns Hermes?” For over a century, Hermes has established itself as one of the top luxury fashion brands in the world. Hermes brand continues to attract the rich and famous as they pay attention to every detail.

Hermes remains owned by the Hermes family, also known as the Dumas family, which holds 75% of the company’s shares. Jean-Louis’ nephew, Axel Dumas, is the company’s current CEO. Also, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the son of Jean-Lois, is a significant part of the company.

What Is Hermes?

Hermes was founded in 1837 and has long been associated with luxury design. Among its other products are lifestyle accessories, jewelry, watches, etc. An orphan named Thierry Hermes founded the reputable luxury brand Hermes

Since he had a good understanding of leather, he initially created a company that offered only leather products. As the owner of his first shop in Paris, he designed harnesses and bridles for carriages. 

When he established this business, only nobles and royals had access to its products. Due to his skill, he could sell his products to a large audience. 

Charles-Emile acquired the family business in 1880 and re-located the business to Saint-Honor√©, which was his father’s old shop. Among the many legendary products of Hermes, the signature Birkin bag stands out as one of the most memorable. 

Production of this bag began in the 1980s. The bag’s design came after a meeting between Jean-Louis and actress Jane Birkin. 

Further, with an estimated value of about $50 billion, Hermes ranks among the world’s most valuable fashion houses. It is probably due to Hermes’s strong management and creative business strategies that the brand could avoid power struggles. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that Hermes has grown throughout its history. Its current owners are responsible for the brand’s most significant growth in decades.

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Who Owns Hermes?

Hermes family is the owner of Hermes. There are estimates that the Hermes family holds 75% of the shares of this company. At present, the company’s CEO is Axel Dumas.

Various generations of the family have owned Hermes over the years. From the company’s foundation in 1837 to 1880, Thierry Hermes ran the company as CEO. From 1880 to 1881, Thierry Hermes transferred the company to his son Charles-Emile. 

His remaining two sons, Adolphe and Emile, served as leaders in the company under his guidance. Later on, the CEO position eventually passed to Emile-Maurice.


Founded in 1837, Hermes is known for its luxury design. Hermes was founded by Thierry Hermes, an orphan who became a successful businessman. Presently, the CEO of the company is Axel Dumas.

The fashion house Hermes has a market value of around $50 billion. It is among the most valuable brands in the world. Hermes’s innovative business approach and strong management have assisted in the company’s rapid growth.

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