Who Owns Howler Head Whiskey?

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Do you love drinking whiskey by Howler Head and want to know who owns Howler Head Whiskey? Howler Head is one of the most popular whiskey brands in the world. But who has ownership of this whiskey brand?

Wooler Brands, Inc. is the owner of Howler Head Whiskey. Jason Wooler, the CEO of Wooler Brands, is the man behind the popularity of this whisky brand. He works with newly established and established beverage companies to develop innovative products with distinct personalities and innovative packaging.

What is Howler Head Whiskey?

Howler Head Whiskey is a distilled liquor brand. This brand might sound familiar to you as it’s the UFC’s whiskey endorsement. 

Howler Head Whiskey uses straight bourbon to make the distilled alcohol infused with natural banana flavor. Wooler Brands is all about the taste, and they only make one product: banana-flavored whiskey. 

Howler Head whiskey is prepared from Kentucky refined bourbon whiskey that has lasted for two years in American oak barrels with alligator char. 

The barrels are torched for 55 seconds at level 4 char to generate the lustrous crack and peel resembling alligator skin. It gives the bourbon a spicy flavor profile and a dark hue. Ron Call of Green River Distilling Co. creates the basic bourbon for Howler Head. 

The distillery features a 100-year-old Vendome Copper Column Still, which is high-end and authentically old-fashioned. After that, it’s combined with a natural banana taste before being bottled at 40% ABV.

Who Owns Howler Head Whiskey?

Howler Head is owned by Wooler Brands, Inc., and is linked with the UFC president. Jason Wooler is the CEO of Wooler Brands. 

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He works with both new and existing beverage companies to create distinct brand personas, creative packaging, and products that stand out from the crowd.

Proximo Spirits, which owns the alcohol brands like Jose Cuervo, has received controlling ownership in the company through an agreement with Proper No.


Wooler Brands Inc. in North Charleston, South Carolina, makes Howler Head. It is produced with a Kentucky Straight Bourbon base and natural banana flavoring. And it smells like Laffy Taffy Banana with a hint of whisky. 

Banana joins the delicious sugary vanilla and whiskey entry, developing to a banana high. It fades to a taste of whiskey and concludes with wood, whiskey, apple, and more banana sweetness. Howler Head is sweet but not as sugary as some other whiskeys. 

We hope this article has provided you with the information you needed about this renowned whiskey.

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