Who Owns Indian Motorcycles?

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Motorcycle lovers may be familiar with Indian Motorcycles and ask, “who owns Indian Motorcycles?” Since their introduction into the motorcycling industry, Indian Motorcycles have gained substantial popularity. It was their unique and long-lasting motorcycling that helped them grow so quickly.

Polaris Industries Inc. is the current owner of Indian Motorcycles. Polaris entirely designs and manufactures Indian Motorcycles. Since 2011, Polaris has acquired the rights to the Indian Motorcycle brand and made impressive strides toward revitalizing the brand and bringing it back to life.

What Are Indian Motorcycles?

The Indian Motorcycle Company is an American motorcycle manufacturer. Massachusetts was the state of origin of the Indian Motorcycle, but that state is no longer the company’s home. 

Despite this, both Indian Motorcycles and their components continue to manufacture in the U.S. Each engine of Indian Motorcycles is hand-built by expert mechanics under strict quality control. 

Spirit Lake, Iowa, is where manufacturers put together each bike for other bikers. Most parts and materials used in this product go through manufacturing in the United States, except some are manufactured in other countries. 

As well as being hand-built, each bike features hand-painted designs with attention to detail. Indian Motorcycle Company, headquartered in the United States, has produced motorcycles since its founding. 

In the past, the term “Indian” referred to Native Americans throughout North America. Christopher Columbus mistakenly thought he was in India when he first landed in America.

Who Owns Indian Motorcycles?

Indian Motorcycles are currently owned by Polaris Industries Inc., an American company. Polaris has a design team that manufactures Indian Motorcycles. With Polaris’ purchase of the Indian Motorcycle brand in 2011, the brand has taken significant steps toward growth.

The Handee Manufacturing Company initially produced the motorcycles; however, in 1923, it changed its name to Indian Motorcycles. At the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, three out of the top 10 places were won by the company’s factory team. 

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As early as the 1910s, Indian Motorcycles ranked as the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. From 1920 to 1946, they were best known for the Scout and the Chief before the company filed for bankruptcy. 

Several organizations tried to keep the Indian Motorcycle brand name alive over the years without success. Polaris Industries acquired Indian Motorcycles in 2011 and moved the company’s headquarters to California. 

Polaris Industries consolidated the company’s Minnesota and Iowa facilities. In 2013, Polaris began marketing Indian motorcycles with a modern look that reflected their traditional style.


Indian Motorcycles is one of the most well-known manufacturers of motorcycles in the world. The Indian Motorcycle became famous in Massachusetts, the state where it originated. 

However, the company no longer calls Massachusetts home. Still, the company and its parts continue to produce in the United States. At the moment, Indian Motorcycles belongs to Polaris Industries Inc. 

Polaris is entirely responsible for designing and manufacturing Indian Motorcycles. With the acquisition of Indian Motorcycles by Polaris in 2011, the brand has made significant strides toward improving its image.

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