Who Owns Medina Spirit? 

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If you love watching horse racing, you might have wondered, “Who owns Medina Spirit?”. Medina Spirit was a Thoroughbred racehorse that raced in the United States. He placed first in the Kentucky Derby in 2021 but was disqualified later. But who owns it?

Amr Zedan owns Medina Spirit. Amr while Bob Baffert trained him. Amr Zedan purchased Medina Spirit. for the price of only $35,000. In 2021, Medina Spirit died after suffering a heart attack during a training run. The horse finished third in the Preakness Stakes but failed a drug test. As a result, he wasn’t permitted to run in the Belmont Stakes.

Let’s find out more about this beautiful horse.

What Is the Medina Spirit?

A thoroughbred racehorse known as the Medina Spirit served as a professional in many horse races. In the Kentucky Derby in 2021, he finished first but was later disqualified. 

Medina Spirit qualified for the Kentucky Derby as the winner. He was a long shot despite having 12-1 post-time odds in the Kentucky Derby. 

However, even after crossing the first line in the Derby first, he later failed a betamethasone test and was disqualified. 

As a result of drug violations, Medina Spirit was denied participation in the Belmont Stakes in May after finishing third in the Preakness Stakes. Afterward, Medina Spirit won the Shared Belief and Awesome Again Stakes.

Who Owns Medina Spirit The Winner Of The Kentucky Derby?

Amr Zedan is the owner of Medina Spirit. He is an investor from Saudi Arabia who also owns Zedan Group. Despite Bob Baffert being the trainer, Medina Spirit was owned by Amr Zedan and trained by him for the Kentucky Derby in 2021.

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Having established Zedan Racing Stables in 2016, he is best known as a thoroughbred horse breeder. Zedan is also a member of the Saudi Polo Federation. This investor is well known for buying the 2021 Kentucky winner horse for only $35,000.

Medina Spirit was available for $1,000 when he was a yearling. Medina Spirit won the Kentucky Derby, which helped Amr Zedan to earn over 2 million dollars.


The Ocala Breeders Sale in 2019 brought little attention to Medina Spirit. Medina Spirit went to Bob Baffert for training and was the winner of the Kentucky Derby. 

After a training run in 2021, Medina Spirit suffered a heart attack and died. Despite finishing third in the Preakness Stakes, this horse failed a drug test, thus preventing him from competing in the Belmont Stakes. 

According to Brewster, certain drugs given to Medina Spirit were allowed under Kentucky Racing Rules. Brewster told Sporting News there was no violation of the rules. He explained that the traces of the drug could have not affected the horse and certainly not on the race’s outcome.

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