Who Owns The NY Post?

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Maybe you’ve heard of the New York Post; if you still read newspapers and ask, “who owns the NY Post?” The New York Post is one of America’s longest-running newspapers and a pioneer in digital journalism.

Alexander Hamilton started the New York Post way back in 1801. After the newspaper evolved to the New York Evening Post, it became a critical broadsheet. Rupert Murdoch purchased the NY Post in 1976 for US$30.5 million. Murdoch News Corporation has owned the NY Post since 1993.

What Is the NY Post?

The New York Post, also known as NY Post, is one of the top conservative tabloid newspapers in New York City. The New York Post is the most widely distributed newspaper in the country. 

As soon as The New York Post switched to digital, its reach and influence increased, resulting in an annual growth rate of 105%. 

In addition to covering large metropolitan regions such as Los Angeles and Chicago, The New York Post plans to expand beyond New York. In 2010, as the digital news environment rapidly changed and became highly competitive, the paper faced numerous challenges. 

The NY Post needed to be able to move print content online quickly to support new digital needs. It was also the first news organization on News Corp. to switch to a WordPress up-and-running.

Who Owns the NY Post?

1801 was the year of the founding of the New York Post by Alexander Hamilton. The New York Evening Post quickly gained prominence after changing its name to the New York Evening Post. 

Besides Hamilton, other New York Federalists like Robert and Oliver contributed to Hamilton’s venture. The first meeting Hamilton organized to find investors took place at Gracie Mansion. 

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The first editor Hamilton hired was William Cullen. The NY Post’s most famous editor was William Cullen Bryant in the 19th century, who was instrumental in its growth. 

John Bigelow was also a co-owner of the newspaper. Among his many accomplishments, he served as the editor and co-owner of the Evening Post from 1849 to 1861. 

Henry Villard became the owner of the Evening Post in 1881 and The Nation, a weekly paper that became a weekly publication under the Post. 

During the mid-20th century, Dorothy Schiff acquired ownership of the paper. However, later Rupert Murdoch acquired the NY Post for a total price of $30.5 million. The NY Post has been under Murdoch News Corporation’s ownership since 1993.


Over the past few decades, the New York Post has become the nation’s most recognizable newspaper. The New York Post has existed for almost 220 years. The New York Post originated by Alexander Hamilton in 1801. 

For US$30.5 million, the NY Post was purchased by Rupert Murdoch in 1976. However, later the Murdoch News Corporation bought it in 1993.

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