Who Owns Olive Garden? 

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Olive Garden is familiar to almost everyone in the US, many of whom may wonder who owns Olive Garden. The Olive Garden chain of restaurants is one of the most popular chains of dining establishments in the United States. But who has its ownership?

The company that owns Olive Garden is Darden Restaurants Inc. The company also owns an extensive dining chain that contains several of the world’s most popular and renowned restaurants. As a result of the company’s unique taste, management, and staff, Darden’s attracts over 320 million visitors yearly. The Olive Garden is a chain of Italian-American restaurants.

So, how did this famous restaurant chain come about? Let’s find out.

What is Olive Garden?

Olive Garden is an informal American eating place chain specializing in Italian-American delicacies. It is a sub-brand of Darden Restaurants situated in Orange County, Florida. 

In 2012, Olive Garden earned around $3.8 billion of the $6.9 billion sales of the overall Darden brand. Olive Garden’s unique slogan turned into “Great Salad.” 

It became their major marketing, and marketing awareness developed into a limitless salad. The slogan was modified when other dishes like endless soup and breadsticks became available to the customers. 

Later in 2013, the new enterprise slogan changed again. The eating place served over thirteen million bowls of pasta during the event. 

In 2014, it persevered with the promotion. Still, it delivered the pasta pass, in which clients could devour all the pasta they desired for a seven-week duration for $99. 

Who Owns Olive Garden?

Darden Restaurants Inc. owns Olive Garden. Darden’s Family of restaurants owns a circle of eating places that feature several famous and hit manufacturers. 

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It also owns over 1,800 eating places and is proud to appoint almost 160,000 group contributors, making this company one of the 50 biggest non-public employers in America.

Darden’s creates memorable revenues of more than 320 million visitors yearly in masses of groups throughout North America with the employees. 


Olive Garden is one of the most famous Italian-American groups in the United States of America. Olive Garden serves numerous dishes such as pasta dishes, steaks, and several types of salads. Additionally, the enterprise advertises that its soups and sauces are made sparkling in every vicinity day by day rather than uploading them from a commissary or outdoor vendor. 

The company is proud to appoint almost 160 thousand group contributors in over 1,800 eating places, making it one of America’s 50 biggest non-public employers. 

Olive Garden is a worthwhile place to visit if you love eating in restaurants. Over a million visitors frequent these restaurants each year because of their unparalleled taste, management, and staff.

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