Who Owns Pinterest?

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Regular social media users might have heard of Pinterest and wondered, “Who owns Pinterest?”. Pinterest is among the most popular social media platforms on the internet. But who owns it?

A company called Pinterest, Inc. owns and operates Pinterest. In 2009, Ben Silbermann co-founded and ran Pinterest along with Paul Sciarra. The Pinterest site lets users create pinboards for sharing images and information. GIFs and videos are also valuable for users if they want to find information on Pinterest.

Let’s find out more about how this social media platform got its start.

What is Pinterest?

The Pinterest service allows users to share images and information using pinboards. It also helps users search and discover information using GIFs and videos on a smaller scale. 

The Pinterest service is a popular social media platform. Pinterest aims to collect and share the things you find online so that you can show them to your friends. 

Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are more focused on personal sharing and updates. When searching for information on the internet, it can be challenging to keep everything organized, but it is possible using Pinterest. 

A Pinterest board is like a digital scrapbook where you can collect things from the internet. Pinterest is more than just creating your boards. 

Using Pinterest, you can also follow the pins made by your friends and other users. Pinterest lets you save pins you discover to your boards as you browse.

Who Owns Pinterest?

Pinterest, a photo-sharing site launched in 2009, was co-founded and run by Ben Silbermann. Pinterest, Inc. is the company that operates the platform.

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Silbermann owns 38 percent of the company. In March 2010, Silbermann and Evan released Pinterest’s first desktop edition.

Currently, the site has over 400 million monthly active users worldwide. Initially, Ben Silberman and Paul Sciarra created Tote, an app that replaced paper catalogs with a virtual version. 

It was this idea that sparked the idea for Pinterest. The company, Tote, has struggled as a business, primarily because of difficulties it has had with mobile payments. 

In the past, mobile payments weren’t sophisticated enough to make it easy for users to conduct transactions on the go, which resulted in users not being able to purchase anything through the app. 

There was, however, an increasing number of Tote users who were compiling extensive collections of items that they loved and sharing them with other Tote users. 

After noticing this behavior, Silberman shifted the company to develop Pinterest, letting users create collections of items and share them with others.


Pinterest users can save and share images through their mobile phones or computers, including recipes, hairstyles, crafts, and home décor. Pinterest is more than just creating your boards. 

Using Pinterest, you can also follow the pins submitted by your friends. The platform lets you save pins you discover to your boards as you browse. 

Benjamin Silbermann was a co-founder and CEO of Pinterest when it went public in 2009. At the end of April 2022, it had over 400 million monthly active users.

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