Who Owns Sega?

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If you’re a video game enthusiast, you probably know about Sega and wonder: Who owns Sega? In the 1990s, the video game company Sega was very popular worldwide. The company sold millions of Sega consoles at its peak of fame in 1993.

Sega Group Corporation owns Sega. Sega Sammy Holdings is Sega Group Corporation’s parent company. Since 1983, Sega has developed video games. Due to its dominance in the West, it gained immense popularity in the 1990s. Even though Sega is no longer popular due to its own mistakes, it continues to develop games for other consoles.

What Is Sega?

Sega is a Japanese company that develops video games. Tokyo’s Shinagawa district is home to the Headquarters of the multinational video game company Sega. 

HQ of Sega Europe and Sega of America is in Irvine, California. Before 2019, Sega Games had been both a company and an entity known as Sega Interactive Co., Ltd. As a subsidiary, segment companies fall under the Sega Group Corporation.

Sega began developing video game consoles in the early 1980s, following the downturn in the arcade business. CSK Corporation backed a management buyout led by Sega executives David and Hayao in 1984.

Who Owns Sega?

Sega Group Corporation owns Sega. The company developed video game consoles between 1983 and 2001. Martin Bromley and Richard Stewart, two American businesspeople, founded the company Nihon Goraku Bussan in 1960. 

Following the purchase of Rosen Enterprises, the company became known as Sega Enterprises, Ltd. The brand created its first coin-operated game in 1966, entitled Periscope. 

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Eventually, in 1969, they were acquired by Gulf and Western Industries. After the Sega Genesis console release in 1988, Sega released the next console generation. 

After Sonic the Hedgehog debuted in 1991, Genesis found success overseas after struggling against its Japanese competition and briefly outsold its primary competitor. 

Sega’s 32X, Saturn, and Dreamcast consoles failed in the decade. Sammy Corporation acquired the company in 2004 after the company stopped manufacturing consoles in 2001. 

Since then, Sega has grown to become one of the most successful companies in the industry. It’s the parent company of Sega Corporation, who’s now called Sega Games Co., Ltd. 

On the other hand, Sega Entertainment and Sega Toys are separate companies. After merging with Sega Interactive, Sega Corporation emerged in 2020.


Sega is one of the world’s most prolific arcade game producers. Sega Toys, an amusement arcade company affiliated with Sega, which produces other entertainment products, uses its name and branding, but these businesses are mainly separate. 

Known for its innovative products, creativity, and video game consoles, Sega is a leader in the video game industry. In fact, Sega has been one of the world’s leading video game developers since 1983. Sega continues to create games for other consoles even though its own mistakes have caused its games to lose popularity.

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