Do GrubHub Drivers See Your Tip?

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Have you ever wondered: Do GrubHub drivers see your tip? Since the pandemic began, we have had several options as the food delivery industry has grown. When placing an order on GrubHub, the question is whether the driver will see your tip before or after they have received it.  

GrubHub drivers can view the amount of the tip before accepting the delivery. The driver can view the tip amount to determine if the order should be accepted or rejected based on the amount tipped. Tipping will not be visible to the driver before delivery if you tip after the delivery.

Do GrubHub Drivers See your Tip?

Drivers of GrubHub can see the tip amount before accepting delivery. They can decide whether to accept or reject an order based on the tip amount. They cannot see the tip before the delivery if you choose to tip after the delivery. 

People unfamiliar with tipping etiquette across the service industry may be unsure how to tip when ordering food. This article examines GrubHub tipping and offers an overview of what should be tipped next time using the service.

Is Tipping GrubHub Drivers Necessary?

It’s always a good idea to tip your GrubHub driver. Tipping is expected in the service industry since it is a service, so you should try tipping them. GrubHub drivers are independent contractors. 

Tips make up the majority of their income for GrubHub drivers. They receive very little money from GrubHub, so tipping adds to their income. Adding delivery fees to tipping causes some people to feel that it is too much. 

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Deliveries, however, don’t affect the driver’s earnings. The healthcare benefits offered to full-time employees are not available to independent contractors.

Situations vary for each driver. GrubHub is a side hustle for some, while others drive full-time. Health care costs for those who do it full-time come from their own pockets. GrubHub drivers also pay for the price of gas and car maintenance. Tips help cover the additional costs.

What is a Good Tip Amount for GrubHub Drivers?

In the service industry, tips generally start at 20%. Here are some estimates from GrubHub if you need them. Deliveries are on time, the driver is friendly, and the service is good. You can tip $5 if the order is smaller or 20% if the order is more significant.

GrubHub suggests that you should tip an extra 3 to 5% if you order a lot. For example, you could order 35 pizzas for a party at the office. The order is significant, and one driver is dealing with it independently.

People will often order in during bad weather because they don’t want to go outside. Could anyone blame them? Deliveries come to their rescue during these times. 

They face a lot of danger in delivering your food. GrubHub suggests giving your driver a 3-5% tip to show your appreciation if the weather is grim. 

When you live in a big city, for instance, or on a fifth-floor walkup apartment, GrubHub recommends you add a little extra. A few more dollars, or an additional percentage, will be helpful for the driver.

What Percentage of Tips Do GrubHub Drivers Get?

GrubHub drivers receive 100% of tips received from customers. The delivery fee of GrubHub does not go to the driver, which is sometimes mistaken for a driver trip. Drivers do not see any delivery fees, which is a separate charge.

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GrubHub’s policy is not to deduct delivery fees from tips since that is only detrimental to drivers’ income. Tipping in cash might give you peace of mind that your driver receives the tip. 

If you do this, you can be 100% certain that the money will go directly to their pocket. Tips ensure your order gets picked up. GrubHub drivers do not accept pickups if there are no tips or low tips. 

Since they are independent contractors, they need to pay for their gasoline, insurance, and vehicles. Despite the small base, GrubHub doesn’t cover the costs.


GrubHub drivers can view tip amounts before accepting deliveries. By looking at the tip amount, they can determine whether or not the order is accepted. If you tip after delivery, they cannot see it before delivery.

The standard tip rate in the service industry is 20%. If the driver is friendly, the service is good, and the deliveries are on time, you can tip $5 if the order is small.

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