Who Owns SeaWorld?

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Those who enjoy theme parks might have also visited SeaWorld and wondered, “who owns SeaWorld?” SeaWorld is a company in the United States that operates several marine-life-themed parks. Over a dozen unique featured theme parks under the name of SeaWorld exist all over the country.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Inc. owns SeaWorld, while George Millay, Milt Shedd, Ken Norris, and David DeMott are its founders. In the beginning, these four UCLA graduates envisioned building an underwater restaurant and marine life show, which resulted in the creation of SeaWorld. You can see orcas, sea lions, dolphins at the parks, and various other marine animals.

What Is SeaWorld?

SeaWorld is a fascinating marine-life restaurant and theme park company that operates in the U.S. It was founded in San Diego in 1964. 

SeaWorld has more than 12 unique featured theme parks clustered in markets over the United States. These parks feature numerous marine species like fish, sharks, dolphins, sea horses, and hundreds of wild birds. 

Its differentiated theme parks display a novel zoological collection, an unmatched combo of exhilarating and family-friendly rides, programs and shows, educational resources, and many other attractions for appealing foreign tourists. 

Its uncommon fun offers memorable experiences to its international guests. SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. is a unique park company that operates various other brands like SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Antonio, and SeaWorld San Diego. 

Who Owns SeaWorld?

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is the owner of SeaWorld. Their original vision was to build a marine life show and an underwater restaurant. 

Various investors hold this incredible theme park, but the Hill Path Capital LP ranks on top with the 35.96% Stake. The Vanguard Group, Melvin Capital Group, Black Rock Fun Adviser, and Nomura Securities are also present among the top owners of global SeaWorld. 

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Institutional investors had bought the shares of SeaWorld Entertainment in mid-2019 for $2.1 million net worth. It is the biggest owning group of this exciting theme park chain. 

Individual insiders are the second-largest owner of SeaWorld, as they hold the 43.76% Stake of it. Mutual fund holders hold 24.81% of the entire SeaWorld company and enlist at third. 


In a nutshell, SeaWorld is the largest marine park and entertainment brand that offers an excellent experience that is real. It appeals to international visitors not just for endless thrills but also due to the strategy of saving wild sea life. 

They aim to safely return animals to the wild by rescuing aquatic life who are injured or suffering from any illness or helpless conditions. More than 22,624 visitors came to visit the park in 2019. Now, these numbers are growing day by day.

Moreover, it has educational opportunities with a thrilling combo of rides and food. Visitors love to visit this fantastic delightful place with their family and friends and wish never to return.

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