Does Walgreens Accept EBT?

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Does Walgreens accept EBT for in-store or online shopping? It’s a typical question among EBT beneficiaries who don’t have access to many drugstores and supermarkets. Because Walgreens is practically everywhere, EBT users are keen to find out.

Some Walgreens locations offer EBT as a form of payment. But not all Walgreens locations accept EBT cards. So, before you attempt to purchase with your EBT card, check with your local Walgreens to see if they accept them. You can use the Walgreens store finder online to find the contact details for your closest store. Then give them a call before heading to the store to avoid disappointment.

All About Walgreens

Behind CVS, Walgreens is the second-largest drugstore chain in the US. Since its inception, its pharmaceutical store chains have been dedicated to assisting Americans in living better and happier lives by serving as their first option for medicine, health, and beauty. Prescription filling, healthcare items, health information, and picture services are all available.

The business also serves as a grocery store, providing a variety of retail and food items, including fresh and frozen bagged groceries, as part of their objective. With over 9,722 locations across the United States, you’ll find Walgreens near you.

But why would anyone want to shop for groceries at a pharmacy like Walgreens when food selection is limited?

Unlike a retailer or a grocery shop, a drugstore offers a limited selection of grocery items. However, there are times when picking up a few groceries from Walgreens is worthwhile, such as:

  • At Walgreens, you can buy a photo gift for a loved one.
  • No-choice: There isn’t a significant grocery shop in your area.
  • Prescriptions: Fill a prescription and go grocery shopping at the same time.
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Does Walgreens Accept EBT? 

At a few locations, Walgreens accepts EBT for in-store purchases. According to Walgreens, SNAP food stamps are accepted at some Walgreens shops, and program specifics should be obtained from your local store.

It’s because Walgreens specializes in health-related products such as medicine, vitamins, and supplements. The majority of its items are not EBT-allowed. You can only use your EBT card at Walgreens if the business sells SNAP-accepted food items.

You’ll be limited in what you can buy, even in stores that take EBT. In most Walgreens stores, you’ll only find food goods like bread, cereal, and dairy products unless the store sells daily produce.

Walgreens also refuses to take part in the government EBT pilot program. The initiative enables the state to accept EBT as an online payment mechanism, allowing SNAP beneficiaries to shop online. You won’t be able to order home delivery or store pickup on because EBT isn’t accepted as an online payment method.

How to Find a Walgreens That Accepts EBT

A Walgreens is within 5 miles of 78 percent of the US population. You must first locate a SNAP-approved Walgreens location that takes EBT to use your card at Walgreens.

The following are some of the ways to find out if your local Walgreens offers EBT:

Use the Walgreens Store Finder: This website feature allows you to search by state, city, or zip code for Walgreens’ locations. Once you’ve entered your location, you’ll see a list of all the stores in your region.

Contact the store: Walgreens’ website does not state if or not a store takes an EBT card. The locations of your neighboring stores will be displayed, along with contact information and operating hours. Use the store information to inquire if the store you wish to visit accepts EBT.

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Request a list from your local SNAP office: A list of all SNAP-approved merchants in your area should be available from your local SNAP organization.

Go to the store: If you can’t search online because you don’t have free or low-cost internet access, go to your nearby Walgreens and ask the clerk if the shop accepts EBT.

Does Walgreens Accept EBT for Online Orders?

For the time being, Walgreens does not take EBT for online transactions. You can use Amazon’s grocery delivery service if you want to buy something online with your EBT. Because Amazon has its reputation and network, the service will be faultless, quick, and available everywhere. The best thing is that everyone who uses an EBT card gets a 15% reduction on their purchase. InstaCart also provides grocery delivery and accepts EBT.


Walgreens does not provide a vast selection of grocery items. Finding a nearby store that accepts EBT is a godsend when you need to pick up a few groceries. You can view your EBT balance at an ATM near you before leaving. Carry a second credit card or cash with you to pay for your medicine or any other SNAP-prohibited things that aren’t covered by your plan.

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