Does CVS Accept EBT?

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If you have an EBT card, you may wonder: Does CVS accept EBT? And you wouldn’t be alone.

Many people wonder whether CVS accepts EBT, as it’s one of the most popular drugstores in the United States. An EBT card allows those in the low-income bracket to buy food and other essential items from certain stores. Luckily, CVS does accept EBT. CVS has over 9.900 stores in the US, all of which accept EBT cards. However, to use your EBT card at CVS, you must shop at a physical store.

Read on to discover more about CVS.

What is CVS?

CVS is one of the largest pharmacies, with over 9,900 stores throughout the US

They offer grocery items in addition to prescription drugs and other wellness products. Customers can buy various groceries, from health foods to frozen goods and more. And these items can be bought directly from the CVS store or via their online store.  

There’s a wide selection of everyday grocery items at CVS Pharmacy, including kosher staples for those with religious dietary restrictions or who observe the Jewish faith. There are also special selections for keto and vegetarian diets (among others). EBT users are spoilt for choice when it comes to balancing their meals.

Does CVS Accept EBT?

We’ve all experienced a rise in the cost of living over the past few years. We’ve seen it in everything from food to housing prices and medical care. For some people, this is just a fact of life. They have no choice but to get by with what they have. But for others, this can cause a lot of undue stress. 

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It can be hard to budget when you don’t know if or when you might receive your next paycheck. That’s why EBT cards were invented in 1996. The Electronic Benefits Transfer card is used as a debit card with government benefits, such as food stamps (SNAP). 

CVS accepts EBT cards at each one of its more than 9,900 stores across the US. When utilizing your EBT card at CVS, you’re able to purchase items such as bread, meat, vegetables, grains, drinks, and certain snacks. These purchases then take place via the EBT benefits offered by the government.

But you cannot use your EBT card for an online grocery delivery service or pickup order because of how our system is set up for those specific services. Instead, find a nearby CVS store and enjoy shopping their vast selection of essential items, all of which are eligible through the SNAP program.

How to Use EBT at CVS?

You can use your EBT card like a debit card in some states, and the money will be deducted from your balance. You can buy items up to your card balance (or until you reach your monthly limit). In other states, you have to pay first and then get reimbursed by the government later.

If you want to buy items with your EBT card, follow the following steps: 

  1. Confirm that you have a balance to do so; then visit your nearest CVS store that accepts the EBT card and purchase eligible items. 
  2. You will be asked at checkout if there are any non-eligible products among those taken. 
  3. Swipe it at the payment terminal or give it over to an employee of the store who will swipe for you (you should also enter your PIN number). 
  4. Confirm by pressing “OK” or “Yes,” besides confirming this transaction and collecting the receipt. 
  5. Check what was bought, its price, and the new available balance on the receipt!
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Yes, CVS accepts EBT. Next time you’re at CVS, use your EBT card to purchase groceries from the grocery section and food. As long as you do not buy supplements or prepared foods that are not eligible for purchase with any benefits, your EBT card will still work for you!

There is no need to go out of your way into a store if you can get everything right here in this one-stop shop. You’ll quickly save money when buying items that require an additional trip by using your benefits through CVS’s website.

And there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about CVS and EBT.

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