Does Schwan’s Accept EBT?

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Often people are heard asking each other, “Does Schwan’s accept EBT?” It will not be anything wrong to wonder about this point because many major retail chains do accept EBT cards. This way, they contribute their share in helping the community get the bare necessities to live a healthy life.

An EBT or Electronic Benefit Transfer card works with the same concept as a bank debit card. It lets a user get state government assistance in terms of food stamps. The user can pay retailers using their food stamps for any food products they buy. However, whether Schwan’s accepts the EBT card is a significant question that shall be answered here.

More About Schwan’s Company

Schwan’s Company was initiated by Marvin Schwan back in the year 1952. He started it as a home-delivery business. However, with time, dedication, and perseverance, the small startup grew into a significant company with around 12,000 employees.

Schwan’s Company was initially named The Schwan Food Company. Schwan’s is an American company with 100% ownership lying with the Schwan family. The company has its headquarters in Marshall, Minnesota. It sells frozen food items from its home-delivery trucks, mail, grocery store freezers, and various food service industries.

Find Out More about the EBT Card

Many people in the US fall under the low-income group. Various state welfare departments have ensured that these people get necessary food items to help them lead a safe and healthy life. Thus, the introduction of the EBT card to the people. It is a magnetically encoded payment card used across several stores and retails across the US.

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Apart from offering benefits to the users of EBT cards, the state governments can also track the way people use the card at stores. In 2004, the EBT card started working across the nation. The average payout every month is $125 for each user.

Does Schwan’s Accept EBT?

When it comes to Schwan’s, you will find two delivery methods offered by the Company. The first is via the truck to your door service, and the second is mail delivery service. So you can undoubtedly use EBT at Schwan’s. However, there is a catch to the option. If you wish to use your EBT at Schwan’s to pay for your food purchases, you need to opt for the truck-to-your-door option.

Food Items Not Eligible For Purchase Using EBT

You cannot purchase all foods and other items using your EBT card at Schwan’s. There are certain limitations to the rule. Here are some of the products and food items that you cannot purchase using your EBT:

  • Pet food
  • Foods to be eaten in stores
  • Tobacco products/alcohol
  • Medication and vitamins
  • Cleaning products or paper

How to Use EBT at Schwan’s?

Using your EBT at Schwan’s is a pretty straightforward process. Upon delivery of your purchased items, you need to present your EBT card to the Schwan’s truck driver.

He will bill you on the spot and hand over your purchased food items. However, sometimes, he may ask you to show him some photo ID to prove that the EBT card belonged to you.


People fall under the low-income category and find it tough to lead a happy, healthy life. However, thanks to the EBT card, these people can forget about spending an entire day staying hungry. The EBT card, or the Electronic Benefit Transfer card, is a state government initiative. All the state welfare departments provide benefits to the people of the US who use this card.

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Like any other major retail chain, the EBT card is also valid at Schwan’s. Therefore, you can purchase any food items using your EBT card. However, there are certain restrictions to keep in mind in terms of the food items that you can buy using the card.

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