Does Stater Bros Accept EBT?

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Most people shopping at Stater Bros usually ask, “Does Stater Bros accept EBT or not?” EBT may be the only way of paying for many Californians suffering from financial hardship. Finding companies that accept this government-issued card can seem confusing at first. So, are Stater Bros. accepting EBT?

Yes, Stater Bros accepts EBT cards at any one of their 171 stores and when shopping online for groceries at any of their sites. You can use the card to purchase any government-approved item and have it delivered, picked up curbside, or bought in person.

What Is Stater Bros?

Stater Bros is one of the nation’s largest supermarket chains, headquartered in San Bernardino, California, and the county’s largest retailer. 

More than 85 years after its founding in California, the company has grown in size and popularity, increasing to 171 stores spread throughout Southern California today. 

As a family-owned company with roots in American tradition, Stater Brothers is dedicated to providing excellent service and products focusing on families. 

While Albertsons and American Stores merged in 1999, Stater purchased 43 future Albertsons and Lucky supermarkets. With this acquisition, Stater expanded into several new geographic areas, including Los Angeles 

County and the Antelope Valley. It also became the first notable company from the Inland Empire to make the Fortune 500. 

Cleo and Leo Stater founded the company on August 17, 1936, in Yucaipa, California, after purchasing the market from Cleo’s boss, W. A. Davis, after a down payment of $600. According to Cléo, in 1998, Davis’s market owner gave him another $300 to help with the down payment.

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Does Stater Bros Accept EBT?

You probably wonder if Stater Bros accepts EBT payments if you are an avid Stater Bros shopper, the answer is yes. As per government laws and regulations, the large retail chain started accepting EBT payments in 1998.

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, State Brothers recently launched its online services. Like many other grocery stores and department stores, Stater Bros aimed to provide groceries and supplies to those who couldn’t leave their homes safely.

You can pick up your food or get it delivered using Stater Bros online service. You can schedule a pick-up time for your groceries at the curbside when you shop online. 

The service involves supermarket employees taking your online order, doing your shopping for you, and bringing your shopping to your car at a particular time. 

Stater Bros has recently partnered with InstaCart to offer you the convenience of shopping without leaving the comfort of your home.

Their virtual shopping cart lets you add all the groceries you need, then pay, and an employee from InstaCart delivers it at a time that suits you.

Fees vary depending on delivery time, with a two-hour time slot costing $5.99 and an hour delivery costing $6.99. This option is available only for orders over $10. 

If you want to pay for items other than groceries, you cannot use your EBT card. The EBT holders can access some previously restricted items with this method of shopping.

In addition to hot and ready foods, deli items can be personalized when you order your groceries online. Although this sounds amazing, technological advancements constantly make it easier and faster for local businesses to sell goods and services.

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How to Use EBT at Stater Bros.

Shoppers who decide to shop for groceries at Stater Brothers in person will first browse the store and select what they want to buy. The cashier will need to know that you will be paying with an EBT card once you are ready to cash out.

You can swipe the EBT card through the card reader after all the items are paid for, and your pin is entered. There will be a balance left over for you to cover with another method since this covers only food and non-food items that will not go through. 

EBT/Food Stamps are an option you can select at check out if you’re buying food online. To connect your grocery store cart to your EBT account, you must enter your EBT information.

Additionally, if you are shopping curbside to go, you can opt to pay at pick-up. The staff will swipe your EBT card when you pick up your items.


In 1998, the large retail chain began accepting EBT payments in compliance with government laws and regulations. State Brothers recently launched an online service following an outbreak of Covid-19. 

The Stater Bros grocery and department store offered groceries and supplies to those who could not leave their homes. Stater Bros’ online service allows you to order online and pick up or deliver your food.

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