How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship?

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Have you ever ordered from the GOAT and wondered, “How long does GOAT take to ship?” GOAT is a popular online retailer of fashion and sports products. Customers buy the products from GOAT due to their quality and popularity. But what is their shipping time?

The GOAT shipping time is usually 7-10 business days. In most cases, it takes three to four working days for customers to receive their orders and complete the process. They ship the items once the process is complete, typically within 3-4 business days. However, GOAT strives to have its products delivered promptly to satisfy its customers.

This article takes a closer look and provides more detailed answer.

How Long Does GOAT Take to Ship in 2023?

The shipping time for GOAT is usually between seven to ten business days. Customers will typically receive their orders and complete the purchase process within three to four business days. 

In the case of shipping the items after completing the process, it usually takes between three and four business days. Nevertheless, GOAT strives to assure their customers that they will receive their products within a short period to satisfy them.

How Long Does GOAT Take to Deliver?

Most GOAT orders typically ship on time. However, government restrictions have the potential to cause delays. According to GOAT corporation, in 2023, they will try to deliver orders faster. The shipping time is between one and three days.  

When a buyer orders items from GOAT, it involves three steps, including delivery, processing, and shipping. It takes one to two days for GOAT to receive your order. 

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Following receipt of your order, it will process your item for shipment, and your item should arrive within three to four days. Please be aware that shipping times may vary depending on where you live.

What is the Shipping Time for GOAT Internationally?

It takes 10 to 25 days for international shipping. Upon placing an order with GOAT, the company processes the order and prepares it for shipping. Generally, GOAT takes about five days for this process. 

They ship the products as soon as possible after completing the process. You may be able to change the delivery time for international orders based on your location. The company tries to deliver the order as soon as possible.

The checkout process will include import duties if your order comes from China. Upon delivery, you will not be charged any additional duties as your items will be delivered duty paid. Please note that customs duties may apply to orders shipped from the United Kingdom. 

It is up to you to pay the import duties. Import duties do not appear in the order price. The customer is responsible for paying them when the order is received.

What is the Method for Tracking My Order on GOAT?

The shipping process takes three business days for orders from GOAT. Once your order has shipped, tracking is available. You can use any third-party website or download the GOAT app for your mobile device to track your order.

You can track the delivery of the order using the GOAT app. Your tracking number will let you know where the package is currently present.

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Reasons Why You May Have a Delay with Your GOAT Order

GOAT ships the majority of orders on time, but some orders may be delayed due to reasons beyond its control:

1. Holiday Shipping

Consider buying goods with “Instant” delivery before 11 am (PT) on December 20 so that your order will arrive by December 24. You will have the best chance of receiving your “Instant” items by December 24 if you order by 11:59 pm PT on December 22.

These are only projections of delivery times. Dispatch delays can occur due to weather problems, carrier limitations, and other factors beyond their control.

2. Instant Items

Items marked “Instant” have been pre-verified by GOAT so that you may receive them right away. In the contiguous United States, a buyer of an “Instant” item will receive them within three to five working days if they order before 11:00 am PDT. 

Orders placed after 11:00 am PT shipped within four to six business days, using standard shipping. It does not apply to addresses outside the United States, PO boxes, or military addresses. However, the delay may occur due to various other reasons as well.


Although GOAT tries to get the product to you as speedily as possible, there may be delays due to COVID-19 or government restrictions. If this happens, your order may require extra shipping and fulfillment time.

It is also possible to take advantage of the “Next Day shipping” if you want your items delivered as soon as possible. Upon placing your order, your items may arrive as soon as within two business days.

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