How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Baskin Robbins?

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Are you wondering, “How old do you have to be to work at Baskin Robbins?”. Baskin Robbins is the most well-known ice cream chain in the United States, having been in business since 1945. If you’re a fan of ice cream or cake, Baskin Robbins is your place to work.

The company requires applicants to be at least 14 years old to work in entry-level positions. You can gain valuable experience here by working as a cashier, cake decorator, or server. No prior work experience is required to work at Baskin Robbins. Simply demonstrate your motivation and desire to work at their store by responding to the hiring manager’s questions.

Though you need to be of age to work at Baskin Robbins, you also need to understand opportunities. Here, we explore the basics you should know about working at this ice cream giant.

How Old do You Have to Be to Work at Baskin Robbins?

The entry-level opening available at Baskin Robbins are detailed below:

Cake Designer

Baskin Robbins’ cake designers are creative and have an eye for producing exquisite desserts. You must be meticulously organized while still being capable of working independently. It’s also essential to work with other team members to ensure satisfied customers. 

You will also prepare cakes and ice cream and maintain a beautiful and well-stocked display case. Additionally, you must keep your work area clean and adhere to all Baskin-Robbins dessert decorating quality standards and sanitary rules. You also prepare specialized cake orders and assist in the front of the store when it becomes busy.

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To work at Baskin Robbins as a cake designer, you must be at least 14 years and have some decorating experience. You earn between $9 to $16 hourly, depending on your location.

Crew Member

If you appreciate working in a fast-paced, fun-filled atmosphere, becoming a crew member at Baskin Robbins is an excellent choice.

Crew members at Baskin Robbins are critical to delivering exceptional client experiences. They prepare products following operational and quality requirements and enthusiastically serve them in a clean environment. They collaborate with co-workers to meet guests’ demands and provide them with a cause to return.

Plus, you must adhere to the work schedule and report to work on time. You keep a clean and orderly workstation and thoroughly clean guest spaces as specified. Furthermore, you execute restaurant standards and marketing goals effectively and adhere to all food safety and security protocols.

Prospects must successfully complete the essential training and assist in developing other team members. Additionally, you should be able to communicate correctly in English and have basic arithmetic knowledge.

Though the average hourly wage for a crew member is $8, you can earn as high as $13.

Shift Leader

A Shift Leader performs the same duties as an Assistant Store Manager but with less experience. They carry out their responsibilities following established policies and procedures. 

Shift leaders ensure that customer relations, food costs, sanitation, and product preparation and merchandising standards are all met. They will oversee the business unit during rush periods and opening and closing hours. In the absence of the Store Manager or Assistant Manager, the Shift Leader has ultimate responsibility for running the unit.

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If you work at Baskin and Robbins, you earn between $11 and $13 hourly.

How to Apply to Work at Baskin and Robbins

A Baskin Robbins application in PDF format is available online for those interested in working at any location in the United States. You can apply to Baskin Robbins by downloading the PDF form on the website.

These job applications collect your personal and professional information and determine if you meet their eligibility requirements. Start by completing the prompts requesting the preferred location and date. Now, enter your detailed information, including your name, contact, and prior work experience.

Include the position title you’re interested in, the date you’re available, and your salary expectations in the form’s inboxes. Select yes or no for the previous employment information.

Enter information about your educational background, such as your high school and college names. If you have received any vocational training, fill out the specific details. It’s critical to enter all of your data precisely.

Within two weeks, successful applicants will be contacted to schedule a meeting. Many job candidates receive offers during or shortly after their final interview. Candidates for management positions at Baskin-Robbins have to wait around a week for hiring decisions.

What Experience Do I Need to Work at Baskin Robbins?

Baskin Robbins is an entry-level friendly firm; therefore, you can apply for a crew member position even if you have no prior experience. It is a popular first-time position for teenagers because of the hiring age requirements. 

However, workers must be 16 years old in most states to apply for a Baskin-Robbins job. Additionally, stores seek employees with dependable transportation and a willingness to work multiple shifts.

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You can work at Baskin Robbins without experience; you only need to be passionate about the job. Since the age requirements are minimal, teenagers can grab this opportunity as a part-time job. The application process is simple and requires you to fill out an online form.

Aside from working in a friendly environment, you also enjoy several freebies. Working at Baskin Robbins is also a great way to begin your journey into the workforce. This is the best option when you aspire to own a treat shop someday.

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