How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Ross?

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How often have you heard people asking, “How old do you have to be to work at Ross?” the answer is probably several times. Ross Stores is one of those American chains of stores that believe their employees are their most significant assets. Therefore, it takes excellent care of its people and rewards them wholeheartedly for their hard work.

Like most other multinational companies, Ross Stores also hires people over 18 years. However, there are certain states where minors of 16 years of age are allowed to hold certain positions with the organization. Such a minor needs to have a valid work permit. 

Although there is a limited number of job posts for teens, it is a lovely place to work and gain some helpful knowledge.

What is Ross Stores?

Ross Stores Inc. runs under the brand name Ross Dress for Less. It is an American chain of low-cost department stores, and its headquarters is in Dublin, California. Ross is the biggest off-price retailer in the entire nation. The company also has its stores located in different countries.

Ross has more than 1,523 stores spread across the 37 US states, Guam, and the District of Columbia. The company has plans for expansion in the days to come. Ross has more than 88,100 people working for the company across America.

The Benefits of Working at Ross

Even before you try and find out the answer to your question it will not be wrong to find out the benefits that Ross employees enjoy. It is one of those handfuls of multinational companies that believes in its employees.

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Ross Stores has various competitive rewards packages for its employees that consist of benefits, pay, opportunities, discounts, and flexibility. In addition, the company has committed itself to helping its employees grow and develop with time. The retail chain hires interns to experienced professionals.

The benefits for employees at Ross include paid holidays, paternity or maternity leaves, and tuition reimbursements. Apart from that, Ross offers 12 other unique benefits to its employees working in its offices, such as various perks and health and wellness.

It offers various financial benefits, such as group critical illness insurance, associate purchase program, home and renters insurance, auto insurance, and identity protection. Other types of economic benefits include 401(k) retirement savings plan, Ross employee discount, life insurance, employee assistance program, AD&D insurance, and savings builder program.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Ross?

Due to the nature of the various jobs at Ross Stores, employees must perform at their optimum levels. Since there may be work hours that may extend beyond legal curfew hours for minors, Ross hires employees above the age of 18 years.

But there are some states in the US where Ross hires teens as young as 16 years for specific positions within the organization. Such individuals should have a valid work permit to be eligible to work at Ross Stores.

Typical Jobs for Teens at Ross

If you are inexperienced and in your teens, just a handful of job positions are available. Nonetheless, working in these positions will help you gain the necessary experience to move up the corporate ladder.

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Retail Associate

Work as a Retail Sales Associate. You will be responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and performing secondary loss prevention functions. Therefore, you need to greet and positively interact with your customers. You also need to offer knowledgeable and prompt assistance to your customers.

Night Stock Associate

As a Night Stock Associate, your primary focus will be a presentation of proper merchandise. You may also be asked to provide customer assistance and operate cash registers.

The Hiring Process at Ross

Like any other multinational company, Ross also follows the basic hiring process. This includes job applications, interviews, and final employment. Therefore, whether you are in your teens or older, it is essential that you clear all the stages of the hiring process to be eligible for a job at Ross.

When applying for a job at Ross, you can submit your application through the careers portal on the Ross Stores website. This step is crucial to initiating the hiring process. Although you may also submit your application at any Ross Store in person, an online application is highly preferred.

If your resume fulfills the needs of a job post, you will get an interview call. Depending upon the role, the interview may happen once or twice. If you clear the first round of interviews, you will be eligible for the second round. The second round will be with a few managers.

How Much Does Ross Pay Their Employees?

If you get a job at Ross at a young age, you can expect a well-paid package from the company. Ross is famous for taking good care of its employees. Your hourly rate will start between $8 and $10 per hour. Depending upon your work experience and job description, your pay may go up to $14 an hour.

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Ross Stores is an American chain of low-cost department stores in Dublin, California. The company takes great care of its employees and believes that its workers are the main pillars of success for the organization.

To work at Ross, you must carry a valid work permit, and essential to remember that there are just a handful of job positions for such young employees.

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