How To Delete Purchase History On iPhone

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Do you have a question concerning how to delete purchase history on iPhone? Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has dominated the smartphone industry. You can easily access Apple Store, buy apps, and keep track of your purchases with the iPhone, although sometimes you won’t need those records. So how can you delete that record?

Using your iTunes account on a Mac or hiding or deleting the apps from App Store or iCloud on your iPhone will allow you to get rid of the purchase history completely. When you don’t use the iPhone anymore or if the storage affects your phone’s performance, delete the iPhone’s purchase history.

How to Delete Purchase History on iPhone

This section will break down the methods you can employ to clear purchase history on iPhone. There are several ways to delete your purchase history on your iPhone. Just make sure you do everything correctly. Our easy-to-follow instructions will lead you through the process effortlessly.

You can delete your purchase history from the Apple Store if you have recently purchased something there and want to delete it.

Method 1: Through App Store

The App Store account on your iPhone gives you the option of hiding the purchase history for a particular app.

  • Access your Avatar by tapping on your iPhone’s top right corner of the App Store app.
  • Tap on “Purchased.”
  • Locate and hide the app under “All.”
  • Tap and hold the app from right to left.
  • The app will display a “Hide” button; pressing it will remove your iPhone’s history.
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Method 2: Through iCloud

You can remove the transaction history on your iPhone using the iCloud account. Following the steps to remove purchase history using iCloud.

  • Turn on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the Settings app and click your name in the upper right corner.
  • Go to Manage storage> Backups in your iTunes account and select the iPhone.
  • Then choose Show All Apps from the option to back up all apps.
  • Tap the switch to the Off position on the app you wish to delete.
  • You can now delete all the data related to the app from iCloud by tapping on “Turn Off & Delete.”

Method 3: Through iTunes

You can use this third method with a USB cable connected to your Mac PC, through which you can connect your iPhone and then delete the purchase history from your iTunes account. You will need to follow these steps;

  • Open iTunes Store on your computer and choose App Store.
  • You can now choose Purchased in your account.
  • Click Delete History next to the app you want to delete.

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When Should You Delete iPhone History?

When your iPhone is no longer in use or storage affects your phone negatively, delete your iOS history. You can reduce the amount of data on your iPhone by deleting the purchase history, increasing the storage space available for apps. 

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It enhances phone security and makes it easier for users to recall passwords and other information. 

Similarly, you might have shared subscriptions and locations with your family members by setting up family sharing on your iPhone. You may want to hide certain apps or subscriptions from them.


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We have discussed various methods of deleting your iPhone’s purchase history, either by hiding a particular app or deleting it with your iCloud or iTunes account. You also learned how to view your iPhone’s history and why you should delete your history.

It is now possible to hide your records or save some space on your iPhone.

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