How To Delete Venmo Transactions

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Are you looking for a detailed guide on how to delete Venmo transactions? Venmo is an excellent, simple way to transfer money between friends without exchanging cash or writing checks. It includes a social media component, where you can add friends and check who you have paid and for what. This can be entertaining, but you’d want to know how to delete these transactions if you’re a more private person.

It’s impossible to completely delete Venmo transactions as the information remains stored on your account. However, you can turn your information private and conceal this information from anyone who searches your profile. To do this, open your account and head over to settings. Select privacy to edit this section of your account, delete all visible transactions, and change to private.

Read on to learn all you should know about these transactions here.

What You Should Know About Venmo Transaction Deletion

The Venmo application makes it very easy to send funds to your bank account. In the same vein, it should also be easy to delete your transactions. However, before we go into deleting Venmo transactions, there is something you should note: You can’t wholly delete Venmo Transactions.

While it’s possible to hide your transaction history from public eyes, you can’t delete the record completely. The information remains on your account regardless of your settings. You can get more information about this in the Venmo privacy policy. 

How to Delete Venmo Transactions

There are two options available when you plan to conceal this record. Options include:

  • Change settings to Private
  • Close your Venmo account

Change Setting to Private

This is the most common way to delete Venmo transaction history from a general view. By default, the application displays your transaction history once someone views your profile. You need to get rid of the public feed feature to change this.

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Here are the steps to follow to delete Venmo transactions:

  • Log into the application using your username and password
  • You’ll find the hamburger icon at the left corner of your device’s screen. This icon is where you find everything you need concerning your transactions. Click on the icon.
  • Scroll down and select the transaction history settings from the menu
  • After this, select “privacy” to edit this section of your records
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap “past transactions”
  • You’ll discover that the settings are in “Change to friends” by default. Instead, select the “Change all to private” option.

You can also make all future transactions invisible to your friends. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Navigate back to the Privacy menu
  • Tap the third option, Private, under Default Privacy Settings. 
  • A confirmation message will appear. Select “Change anyway”

It’s also possible can hide transactions by navigating to the transaction’s details page and selecting to make it private.

Close Your Venmo Account

Navigate to your account settings on a desktop computer browser and click “Close my Venmo account” near the bottom of the page. 

You can also close your Venmo account within the app following these steps:

  • Navigate to the “You tab” in the Venmo app by clicking the single-person icon
  • In the top right, click the Settings 
  • Select “Account” from the “Preferences” menu 
  • To close a Venmo account, tap “Close Venmo Account” 

If you desire to terminate your business profile only, you must contact Venmo. Venmo cannot revive your company profile once it has been closed. You also cannot link a second company profile to your personal account. 

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Before you delete your Venmo account, you must transfer any funds in your account to your bank account. You cannot access any funds left in your Venmo account once you close it until you contact support. Following federal laws, you’ll receive one final transaction history email after you close the account.


There’s no excuse not to be cautious regarding finances and internet privacy. It’s in your best interest to keep some more sensitive topics private in today’s society to avoid fraud. The services provided by Venmo should be no exception.

While we discovered there’s no way to wipe Venmo transaction history totally, we have shown you how to change specific settings.

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