Is Paparazzi Proposals Still In Business?

2 years ago
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Is paparazzi proposals still in business? A question we often get asked, Paparazzi Proposals made more meaning of marriages than any other brand could. It convinced everyone that the beauty of marriage begins with the very proposal.

Paparazzi Proposals is still in business despite the unsuccessful clash that the founder – James, had with Shark Tank. During an episode of the Shark Tank, James solicited support from the Sharks after proposing the business idea to them. Though all Sharks went out and James couldn’t get an offer, he continued with the business and grew it. 

The company made beautiful moments for people in love in a method that no one could expect. Still, aside from their uniqueness, Paparazzi Proposals have other features that made them remain in business. Keep reading to learn more about this company.

What is Paparazzi Proposals? 

James Ambler introduced Paparazzi Proposals, a pre-engagement photography business, in Shark Tank episode 508. His company allows guys to photograph and record the moment they propose to their future bride. Paparazzi Proposals photographers follow the couple around and photograph their momentous day.

Every Paparazzi Proposals photo package includes a consultation and region maps with romantic proposals alternatives. They may also help you put flowers in a particular spot or set up a picnic blanket. 

The two are tracked throughout the day, capturing the build-up to the event. Finally, when he asks for her hand, they’ll make a point of photographing her expression.

Is Paparazzi Proposals Still in Business?

James made an appearance on Shark Tank, seeking a $250,000 investment for a 20% ownership. In the past, he had worked as a paparazzi photographer. He explained further that after proposing to his wife, he came up with the idea of creating a proposal business.

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There was so much debate about running the business, and the Sharks were skeptical. Gradually, they began to pull out one after the other, while some only offered advice.

However, one of the Sharks – Lori – offered Ambler a deal. Though Ambler accepted at first, he ended up declining it. Instead, he took Lori’s idea and decided to run his business gradually without expanding immediately. 

Paparazzi Proposals offers packages in various cities, including Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and Minneapolis. James’ business is thriving. He’s expanded to three venues and is hiring extra photographers to assist him.

He charges a fourth of what his closest competitor charges for various GoPro cameras, photographers, and even drones. Still, he may charge tens of thousands for such quality service he offers. 

Luxury packages usually feature a live band, flowers, and other luxuries that wealthier customers are willing to pay for. The company has 37 locations, one of which is in Paris, according to an update from August 2021.

They also guarantee to dispatch a photographer to any location in the continental United States within 24 hours.


Paparazzi Proposals is still in business and doing well. Their busiest months of the year are often November and December and around Valentine’s Day. It generates $13 million in annual revenue and will likely double in size by 2022. So yes, they’re still in business. And hopefully, this has sufficiently answered your question.

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