What Is Delta Airlines’ Net Worth?

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Like most companies, Delta Airlines’ net worth has experienced fluctuations resulting from several factors. On September 15, 2005, it filed for bankruptcy and listed fuel costs as its reason. It remained in this state for two years but emerged in April 2007, and its shares reappeared on the Stock exchange list. Here’s what you should know about its current value.

The net worth of Delta Airlines is $25.29 billion. As of 2021, it had over $29 million in revenue and a net income of $280 million. Investors calculate this worth to determine a company’s financial health before investing. There are two ways of calculating net worth, but the most common is multiplying the stock price by the outstanding shares.

What Is Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines is a major airline and legacy carrier in the US. It’s also the world’s oldest in operation, with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The company currently has nine hubs, with Atlanta’s being the biggest. Since it operates over 5000 flights daily, it ranked second in the list of the world’s largest airlines. It also bagged the second place for the world’s largest airlines in fleet size and kilometers flown.

Delta’s popular name didn’t occur overnight. It began with Hoff Daland Dusters, the first aerial crop-dusting operation worldwide. The company started by flying this duster designed to battle the weevil infestation of cotton crops. 

Finally, in 1928, the Delta air service was incorporated, and it began to fly passengers from Dallas, Texas, to Mississippi. By 1970, the airline had an all-jet fleet, and it proceeded to acquire Northeast airlines in 1972. In 1978, it began flying from Atlanta to London.

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Over a decade later, in 1987, Delta bought Western Airlines and also began trans-pacific service that same year. By 1990, it was the first airline to fly the McDonnel jets. 

In 1997, it broke the record of being the first airline to have transported over 100 million passengers. That year, it expanded its route into Latin America and has grown ever since.

Delta Airlines’ Net worth

The net worth of Delta Airlines in March 2022 is $25.29 billion. However, there could be an increase or decrease in this value depending on market factors. Knowing this worth is essential because it helps investors know if the company’s worth their money.


Delta Airlines has seen its fair share of challenges, but it has managed to overcome them. Now, aside from being one of the world’s oldest airlines, it’s also one of the major airlines in the USA.

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