How Much Do Victoria’s Secret Models Make?

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If you know anything about the top models of our time, you’re sure to have wondered: How much do Victoria’s Secret models make? After all, it is one of the best fashion shows on the planet and a perfect platform for upcoming models. 

Even though the Victoria’s Secret brand has lost its luster over the years, it is still one of the best-paying model brands in the world. Victoria’s Secret Models earn between $1 million and $10 million a year, depending on their seniority. Senior and accomplished models demand more because of what they bring on board. But new models are happy to take what is offered.

Elite models like Tyra Banks, Miranda Kerr, and Adriana Lima perfected their art through Victoria’s Secret. Despite recent controversy over inclusion and diversity, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show remains one of the most-watched shows in the USA. 

How Much do Victoria’s Secret Models Make? 

To make the show as grand as possible, $12 million is spent on production and another $10 million on promotion. With all the glitz and glamour associated with the show, it would be interesting to know what Victoria’s Secret Models make. As is the case in all industries, pay differentials are expected. 

Factors Affecting What Victoria’s Secret Models Make 

Three main factors affect what Victoria’s Secret models make: seniority, celebrity status, and outside endorsements and deals. We discuss them further below. 


Seniority, in this case, refers to how long a model has worked with the Victoria’s Secret Model brand. Senior Models are angels who have served as Victoria’s Secret Models for over 5 years and have become strong brand ambassadors. New models are newbies still trying to find their footing in the show. As you would expect, senior and more established models take home a hefty paycheck compared to new models. 

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Senior models like Allesandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, and Karlie Kloss make an average of $5 million annually. New models like Martha Hunt, Lily Aldridge, and Gigi Hadid make an average of $2 million annually. 

Celebrity Status 

Well-known celebrities tend to have bargaining power and can negotiate better terms because of what they bring on board. Their presence in a show attracts many of their followers and their fan base. This markets the show widely, and therefore they must be appeased with a lucrative paycheck. Gisele Bundchen is one such model.  

Endorsements and Other Opportunities 

You will realize that a significant portion of what senior models make comes from endorsements. This is because; the Victoria’s Secret Model is an excellent platform for building a career in modeling. It can make you famous, and if you are ready to put in the work to build a strong personal brand, endorsements and other opportunities will follow you. In fact, senior Victoria’s Secret Models make most of their money from endorsements and other deals.  

Gisele Bundchen is way ahead of the pack, not just because of her celebrity status. She has aggressively built her brand, and the benefits are now flowing. She is currently the highest-paid Victoria’s Secret Model of all time. Gisele earns $44 million annually and has a net worth of $386 million. Endorsements, including her side deal with Under Armor, contribute significantly to her impressive net worth. 

There is a massive gap between the first and second models in the earnings chart. Adriana Lima, who holds the second position, makes $9 million annually. Lima has an endorsement line with Maybelline.  

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The prestigious Victoria’s Secret Model is one of the best-paying model brands in the USA. The amount models make depends on seniority, celebrity status, and endorsements. On average, new Victoria’s Secret Models earn $1 Million – 2 Million annually. Senior models make between £5 million and $10 million because of endorsements and other lucrative deals. 

To be accepted as a Victoria’s Secret Model is no mean feat, but that doesn’t mean you have made it. Focus on building your brand and increasing your followers. And as you would expect, fame and money will follow. Most of the respected models like Adriana Lima started small and worked their way to the top. 

Note that the Victoria’s Secret Model Show is a female-only affair. And only models from the United States are accepted.

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