How Much Do Pole Dancers Make An Hour?

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Have you ever wondered: How much do pole dancers make an hour, or what do their paychecks look like? We did too. So, we decided to write an article sharing everything we could find out about it. 

A pole dancer’s earnings on any night or in any given hour are uncertain. Factors such as the weather, the standard of living, the time of fortnight, the long list of other dancers performing, and things under a dancer’s control, such as her attitude and wardrobe, influence this amount.

Some say pole dancers earn as much as lawyers; can that be true? Let’s find out.

What are Pole Dancers? 

Pole dancers are acrobats who perform acrobatic maneuvers by suspending or propelling their bodies around a metal pole for aesthetic or sexual amusement. Pole dancing has a wide range of applications. Sport, art, and sex are the three main branches.

Serious athletes accomplish demanding maneuvers and demonstrate unfathomable muscular strength when done for the sport. Then some people appreciate the artistic aspects of pole dancing.

The simplicity of this practice appeals to many because it allows for plenty of creativity. Finally, many people engage in the erotic element of pole dancing. These dancers embrace sensual, seductive movements and frequently wear heels.

Pole dancing’s current popularity has let people recognize the art as it was initially intended to be. That is an elegant and powerful method of self-expression. Pole dance exercise is a popular workout in certain groups.

And it’s one of the world’s fastest-growing international sports. Pole dancing, which is no longer just for adults, might very likely be in the next Olympics.

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How Much Do Pole Dancers Make an Hour?

With the uncertainty that comes with the profession, a pole dancer has the potential to make $70,000 after taxes annually. However, several factors determine the pay of a pole dancer, including tips.

The fact about pole dancing is that many exotic dancers consider $400 per night to be a reasonable amount. The standard is a four-day-per-week, six-hour shift, which can be exhausting. Some exotic dancers would never visit a club twice unless they were paid at least $500 each four-hour shift. There are also exotic pole dancers who would scream for the chance to earn $300 for an eight-hour stint.

As such, pole dancers could expect to earn anywhere from $37.50 to $125.00 per hour. But this hourly rate would be dependent on their experience and the establishment they work for.

A pole dancer’s pay can also result from where the individual practices. Some states are practically better places to be a pole dancer than others. Alaska and California are two such places.

Factors Affecting What Pole Dancers Make 

As mentioned earlier, a pole dancer’s pay depends on many factors. As a matter of fact, we can mention all for the sake of brevity and your time. But here are five major factors that influence how much pole dancers make.

1. House Fees and Dues

Except for a few fan favorites, most dancers are obliged to pay the club’s house fee to access the platform. The Jockey, house moms, bouncers, and bartenders are also tipped off at the end of the day’s work. So, at the end of the day, a dancer earns about $.70 of the $1 earned by dazzling the customer. 

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2. Experience

Entertainers with more experience typically make more money than pole dancers with less knowledge of how to conduct themselves in various scenarios. Some of the more seasoned dancers will understand when and how to push harder and when to back off.

Each client is unique, as are the parties involved. As a result, a seasoned pole dancer will indeed be able to adjust his performance to maximize his income and tips. Those with little knowledge will find it more difficult.

3. Type of Event or Club

The amount of money made is heavily influenced by the type of events one attends. Pole dancers often start at $125 plus tips for an event. A dancer’s tips distinguish a great night from a rough night.

Events in expensive districts are more likely to produce more tips and cover the cost of a pole dancer. Parties with a large number of people will also generate significant tips. 

Also, people are less inclined to tip at events if they have no notion a pole dancer will probably come since they are unprepared for one to begin with. 

4. City

It’s no surprise that pole dancers that work in big cities make more money than those who perform in small towns. As a result, many pole dancers go to big party destinations like New York, Angeles, Atlantic City, Miami, and Vegas. Other model and fitness careers that correspond with a pole dancer’s passion are also available in many large cities. As a result, a pole dancer can easily switch gears and work various professions on the side. Pole dancers will also have more career opportunities in big cities than in rural towns. 

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5. Luck

Is that even a thing? You ask! When it comes down to making money, all a pole dancer needs is to find one individual willing to spend a significant amount of money on them. That is referred to as luck, and it can only be acquired via work experience. When assessing a pole dancer’s prospective revenues, luck plays a big part in how much they make in a night.


In conclusion, another factor is the season. While average pole dancers will be okay with a few hundred dollars, the wedding season (summer and spring) brings chunks of dollars for the business-oriented ones. Several bachelor and bachelorette parties will make a pole dancer more money.

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