How Much Do McDonald’s Managers Make?

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Every time I’m at a McDonald’s restaurant, I wonder: How much do McDonald’s managers make on average? McDonald’s renowned and celebrated fast-food chain treasures its managers and offers them substantial employment benefits. This includes a good salary, life insurance, paid time off, medical insurance, complimentary uniforms, etc.

Pay rates for managers of McDonald’s depend on various factors such as location and level of experience. However, the McDonald’s manager can expect to earn a base salary of between $39,000 and $46,000 per year. This excludes any bonuses they might receive. On the other hand, assistant managers tend to yield lower salary benefits.

This article will look at what McDonald’s managers earn and the factors affecting their income.

What Do McDonald’s Managers Do?

This world-renowned fast-food chain is known for employing motivated and reliable management teams. Its managers supervise and administer operations at the restaurant. And they are tasked with guiding and training new personnel to perform daily roles and tasks. 

Managers working for McDonald’s will generally sit in on various job interviews. Many have some input in the hiring process. Their duties also involve a fair amount of administration, such as allocating team member shifts and overseeing cash-up.

Typical Duties of a McDonald’s Manager:

  • Workforce: The manager is responsible for managing the workforce. This involves setting team objectives, monitoring activities, and reprimanding staff where necessary. Depending on the type of manager, they’ll have a team below them that they’ll need to oversee.
  • Restaurant: Managers must ensure health and safety protocols are enforced. Therefore, they’re responsible for ensuring clean workspace and dining areas. And they must ensure staff is preparing the food hygienically and according to health regulations.
  • New Employees: McDonald’s managers often have to hire and train new staff members for their restaurant. 
  • Stock: Managers may be directly involved or oversee the process of stock management. This includes food ingredients, beverages, packaging, cutlery, condiments, etc.
  • Promotions: When the McDonald’s chain runs any promotions, the manager will need to ensure that promotional materials are in place. This may include price adjustments at the point-of-sale computers or putting up posters. If giveaways are involved, they may need to ensure that any toys, novelty items, etc. are in stock.
  • Income Reports: General managers have more responsibility than lower-level managers. They are responsible for completing turnover reports to ensure a profit with daily takings at the restaurant. Their duties include managing cash flow, which means ensuring that there’s enough in the float and sufficient change.
  • Stepping in: During peak restaurant hours, such as breakfast, McDonald’s managers may need to step in and assist with cooking. 
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How Does One Become a McDonald’s Manager?

Different management levels have different requirements. For instance, those applying to be general managers must have at least two years of managerial experience at McDonald’s. They also need to have at least 3 year’s managerial experience overall.

On the other hand, entry-level manager positions require a high school certificate and a minimum of one year of managerial experience.

How Much Do Mcdonald’s Managers Make?

The basic salary of managers at McDonald’s is between $39,000 and $46,000 per year. However, the exact salary depends on the type of management position. For instance, McDonald’s shift managers typically earn around $11 per hour. Managers with great responsibility will earn more per hour.

McDonald’s aims to offer favorable employment opportunities for its personnel. Benefits include 401(k) retirement plans, disability coverage, holiday pay, educational guidance, and free meals.

Factors Affecting How Much McDonald’s Managers Make

Company Pay Scale

The payment of salaries at any company comes down to what the business can afford. And McDonald’s is no different. This plays a pivotal role in what McDonald’s managers earn. And these salaries will be standardized across the company. 

Level of Experience

A McDonald’s manager’s salary also depends directly on the person’s skills and years of experience. Some managerial positions require a specific skill set, while others may be more generalized. The more skill and experience they possess, the higher their salaries.

Competitor Company Salaries

There are industry standards when it comes to salaries and wages. Not all companies offer the exact same salaries for similar positions. But there isn’t likely to be too much deviation. Most companies will try to offer competitive salaries based on the industry standard.

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Besides skills and education, the type of management role taken at McDonald’s will also have a bearing on your salary. The more responsibility you have, the higher your salary will be. Therefore, a general manager will earn more than a store manager. And a store manager will take home a higher salary than a shift manager. Assistant managers will, of course, earn the least of those in a management role.


Determining how much McDonald’s managers make isn’t difficult. On the whole, McDonald’s managers are paid relatively well. And those with more experience tend to make a good living in their management roles.

It bears highlighting that McDonald’s managers should have the ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. Leadership skills are essential, and the ability to communicate well with their team is a must.

Being a McDonald’s manager is undoubtedly not a walk in the park. Still, it can be a rewarding experience with the opportunity to grow.

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