What Is Johnson And Johnson’s Net Worth?

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Johnson and Johnson’s net worth is impressive, primarily because of the company’s popularity. You can’t miss their products when you stroll into a drugstore or a pharmacy. Johnson and Johnson is a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Of all the listed companies, it consistently increased profit per share over the past 35 years. 

The net worth of Johnson and Johnson exceeds about $400 billion. Of course, this figure shouldn’t be too surprising since the pharmaceutical company has been around for over a century. It derives its profits from producing some of the best medical devices and other medications sold in pharmacies. The company also works to create innovations that could transform lives.

The company’s net worth is the best indicator of how well the company is doing. Knowing this figure is essential if you’re interested in investing or already hold shares in J&J. In this article, we provide vital facts about Johnson and Johnson. We also discuss the company’s net worth.

What Is Johnson And Johnson?

Robert Wood Johnson, together with his brothers James Wood and Edward Mead Johnson, created sterile surgical bandages in 1886. They launched Johnson and Johnson in 1886 with 14 employees. Furthermore, their administration was passed from one relative to another for nearly 80 years.

Today, Johnson and Johnson has 230 subsidiaries, manufacturing 108 different product lines. The company specializes in pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged products, and medical devices. Consumer products include items used in childcare, oral health, and the over-the-counter drug and wound care markets.

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The pharmaceutical branch of Johnson and Johnson caters to several fields. This includes immunology, neuroscience, oncology, and aspiratory hypertension. Lastly, the medical devices they produce are used in the muscular, medical procedure, cardiovascular, and diabetes care fields.

Johnson and Johnson have positioned itself as one of the world’s most prominent organizations. Moreover, it’s notable for its incorporation of environmentally friendly practices. Aside from their widely used medical products, its experts develop ways to better our current world.

Johnson And Johnson’s Net Worth

Calculating its net worth is straightforward. It’s the difference between what they own (assets) and what they owe (liabilities). A company’s net worth is known as shareholders’ equity as well.

The net worth of Johnson and Johnson is roughly estimated to be $435 billion. Additionally, the organization’s turnover in 2021 was approximately $200 billion. Most of its profit comes from drug stores. 


Society wouldn’t be where it is today if not for pharmaceutical experts like Johnson and Johnson. Their net worth aside, this company offers a lot to make living easier. Today, Johnson and Johnson is one of the most renowned companies worldwide.

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