What Is Yeti’s Net Worth?

2 years ago
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Massive profits over the last 7 years have led to an increase in outdoor brand Yeti’s net worth. The company has carefully built one of the best go-to brands for outdoor products. This is why many look to this popular company as a potential investment opportunity.

The holding’s net worth currently stands at $4.25 billion. The Austin-based company started out producing outdoor quality coolers but went on to diversify by producing other outdoor products. Entering the market of other outdoor products proved to be a big boost to the company’s overall earnings. And this has led to steady growth of Yeti’s net worth over the years.

Granted, its net worth has dropped from $9 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021. However, overall, the company’s net worth has had a pretty decent run since it was founded. 

What is Yeti Holdings Inc.?

Yeti Holdings Inc is an American manufacturer specializing in the production of outdoor products. Their product range includes coolers, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel drinkware, ice chests, outdoor clothing, backpacks, bags, etc. 

The company’s headquarters is located in Austin, Texas, USA. And Yeti was established in 2006 out of the frustration of two brothers, Ryan and Roy Seiders. Both brothers were outdoorsmen before venturing into producing outdoor recreational products. 

At that time, the two were not pleased with the quality of coolers available for outdoor activities. What started out as a niche cooler business has grown into a trusted brand for most outdoor solutions and apparel.

In 2018, Yeti went public, listing 16 million shares for $18 per share. The company is headed by Matt Reintjes (CEO). 

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What is Yeti’s Net Worth?

As a publicly listed company, Yeti has many stakeholders involved and interested in the company’s affairs. These stakeholders range from potential investors, shareholders, employees, government, and customers. 

For shareholders, the net worth of Yeti serves as a yardstick to measure how well their shares in the company are doing. The net worth of a company also demonstrates the financial state. Therefore, it helps investors determine whether Yeti would be a viable investment opportunity.

Net worth is essentially the difference between a company’s assets and liabilities. It illustrates the company’s financial worth should all assets be liquidated and all debts paid. 

Using this formula, it can be established that, as of Feb 2023, the company’s net worth is $4.25 billion.


It’s incredible how a company born out of ‘frustration’ has become so successful. In fact, Yeti has become one of the leading brands in the US outdoor recreation industry within 16 years. According to Yeti, building quality products to meet the needs of diverse outdoor pursuits has been integral to their success. 

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