When Does HomeGoods Restock?

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Before planning your next shopping trip to HomeGoods, you may wonder: When does HomeGoods restock? HomeGoods inventory is constantly restocked and ever-changing.

Typically, HomeGoods restocks every day, Monday to Friday. However, less busy stores receive inventory and are restocked up to three times per week. Usually, this occurs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The restocking of items depends on the products and several other factors. These factors include product demand, seasonal availability, among other things. 

To find the best low-cost items for our home, we all have our favorite stores. HomeGoods is the place to go for some of us when we want to get a good deal. 

HomeGoods is one of the biggest retailers for home improvement items. Unlike most retail stores, HomeGoods sells a variety of items. They range from home décor to outdoor equipment at the best deals. They often have 20% to 60% discounts on everyday items.

Knowing when HomeGoods restocks its shelves can give you an immense advantage over other frugal shoppers. Whether you’re looking for small home décor pieces or browsing for a gift, knowing when it restocks is vital.

So in the name of making sure you don’t miss out on any bargains, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about the HomeGoods restocking schedule.We’ll also go over when and how frequently HomeGoods restocks. Continue reading if you want to learn more about when HomeGoods restocks.

When Does HomeGoods Restock in 2023?

HomeGoods restocks every day from Monday to Friday. This mainly applies to busier stores. Restocking usually takes place in the morning between 10-11 AM. That means, if you go in the afternoon, you’ll find the shelves fully stocked.

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However, some HomeGoods stores restock every 1-2 days or 2-3 times a week. For example, HomeGoods restocks furniture such as desks, tables, and chairs every 2-3 weeks. Generally, HomeGoods will receive new furniture stock deliveries on the weekends. So they can restock on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

However, smaller items, such as plants, restock every week daily. However, bear in mind that plant restocking schedules may vary. Ferns, for example, may only be available during a given season. 

It depends on the item’s demand and seasonal trends. And is included by the distance from the fulfillment centers. Restocking may also be impacted by the supplier. 

If you’re looking for small home decorations, we recommend visiting your local HomeGoods store frequently. That way, you’ll be sure to bag any new arrivals. However, if you’re looking for bulkier products, such as furniture, you can pop in to have a look every few weeks.

What’s the Best Day to Shop at HomeGoods?

The ideal time to shop at HomeGoods is on Tuesday and Friday. Avoid shopping during the weekend because the stores are usually overcrowded and busy. In this scenario, it’s quite possible that you’ll struggled to find the items you are looking for in stock.

Plus, HomeGoods restocks all the shelves on Tuesday, so the shelves are full. So you have a higher chance of getting the items you want.

How to Establish if Something Is In-Stock at HomeGoods?

If you’d like to keep tabs on when your item is in stock, you can download the HomeGoods app. The app can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices. Once downloaded search for your closest HomeGoods store on the app. Here you can see the items in stock for each store.

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Rather than traveling to the store, you check the app to see if the item you require is in stock. Although the app allows you to see what’s in stock, you can only make purchases through the HomeGoods website.

You can also confirm that an item is in-stock by visiting the HomeGoods website. Find a HomeGoods store near you and browse through in-store items.

Alternatively, you can find the item you search for on the website. Check the product page select “Check in-store stock.” From there, a list of all HomeGoods stores will be displayed, showing which locations have the item in stock.

However, one of the best ways to remain updated on HomeGoods restocks is to check the “New Arrivals” page on their website. The website displays and organizes new items by department. You can also use the search function to find what you’re looking for.

Although the HomeGoods website updates the online inventory daily, you can sign up to receive email notifications. For this, you’ll need to create a HomeGoods account.

If you want more information on the restocking schedule, you can also contact HomeGoods customer support. Let’s say you’re already in the store. You can ask a salesperson about the restocking schedule.

The Bottom Line 

Since HomeGoods launched in 1992, it has become a household name for various discounted home items. That said, it’s still beneficial to know when HomeGoods restocks so you don’t miss out on any of these items.

HomeGoods restocks larger items such as furniture every 2-3 weeks. While employees restock smaller items like plants every week daily. 

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The best time to shop in-store is during the weekday, Tuesday, and Friday afternoon after they restock the shelves. Avoid shopping during the weekend because the store is busier. It’s also likely you won’t find the item you are looking for.

If you want to stay on top of any new stock updates, contact HomeGoods or check their website for new arrivals. Registering for email alerts will let you know when your desired item is in stock.

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