What Does Prime Drink Taste Like?

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Discovering the answer to the question, “What Does Prime Drink Taste Like?” may help you choose your favorite flavor faster. It is a new energy drink introduced in the US and parts of the UK by Logan Paul and KSI.

Surprisingly, the product has become super hyped almost overnight and has started disappearing from the shelves like a morning newspaper. It may be due to the large number of online followers that the two creators have, this has led to the brand being worth hundreds of millions.

Prime Drink was introduced in different flavors, such as lemon lime, orange, ice pop, and tropical punch. So, naturally, their tastes will differ to some extent. For example, the ice pop-flavored Prime Drink tastes like the original ice pop with a blend of lime, blue raspberry, and cherry flavors. Similarly, the tropical punch flavor tastes sweet with undertones of coconut flavor.

When Was Prime Drink Launched, And What Is It?

Knowing more about the product itself is better before you wonder. Prime Drink is a newly introduced sports drink that can quench your thirst and provide all the essential nutrients to your body. As a result, you will feel an instant boost in your energy levels.

Prime Drink results from a magical friendship between two bitter YouTube rivals, Logan Paul and KSI. Their fans had never imagined the two joining for a business venture. Nevertheless, they decided to launch their product on January 4th, 2022.

According to the creators, they had worked several long hours together to develop a formula for their product. Surprisingly, the sales for Prime Drink has skyrocketed almost overnight.

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What Are The Ingredients In Prime Drink?

According to the drink’s creators, Prime Hydration comprises everything natural. It is a coconut water-based product free from all artificial additives, such as artificial flavors and colors. And Prime Drink has 825mg of electrolytes and 10% coconut water.

Who Can Have The Sports Drink?

Due to the natural ingredients used to manufacture Prime Drink, it is suitable for people of all age groups. The sole purpose of the product is to give you an instant boost of physical energy. Thus, whether you are a senior person or a child, you can enjoy the drink whenever you feel low on energy.

What Does Prime Drink Taste Like?

There are different flavors of Prime Drink introduced by the manufacturers. Thus, their taste will also be different. Listed below are the various flavors of Prime Hydration and their tastes.

  1. Tropical Punch – It tastes sweet with a slight coconut flavor.
  2. Ice Pop – It has the original ice pop taste with a mix of blue raspberry, cherry, and lime flavors.
  3. Orange – It tastes like slightly sweet oranges.
  4. Blue Raspberry – It tastes like sweet slushies.
  5. Lemon Lime – It has a lovely lime and lemon taste.
  6. Meta Moon – It has a diverse taste of berries and cotton candy.
  7. Grape – It tastes like a grape soda.


Prime Drink is a newly introduced energy drink made with natural ingredients. It does not have any artificial colors or flavors, thus, making it suitable for all age groups. There are different flavors of Prime Drink available at the physical and online stores.

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These other flavored drinks also have varying tastes.

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