Who Owns 1440 News?

2 years ago
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Do you want to know “who owns 1440 News?” If so, then this article is for you. The 1440 News newsletter provides information via email on various vital topics to readers each day. But who has ownership of this newsletter?

Dr. Andrew Steigerwald and Tim Huelskamp are the owners of 1440 News. 1440 News ensures that its users get a quick overview in a few minutes. With 1440 News, you can access facts and figures, data-driven reporting, and unbiased information.

What Is 1440 News?

1440 News is a daily base newsletter that provides information through email to its readers on various essential topics, containing multiple sources of politics, culture, business, and others. 

It helps you get a brief outlook in a few minutes of reading. 1440 News includes facts and figures, data-based collection, and reporting that allows readers to conclude without bias. 

Many news agencies and outlets try to excel in in-depth reporting and sharing information but often lean into specific agendas, especially political-based. 1440 News provides a base for people to have their own opinions rather than tell them how to think.

Who Owns 1440 News?

The name behind 1440 News is Tim Huelskamp. However, editor-in-chief and co-founder Dr Andrew Steigerwald provides 85% of daily content, including science and technology, politics, world affairs, and other fields. 

But its fearless CEO and co-founder, Tim Huelskamp, leads the content coverage. The newsletter in 1440 News is structured so that the important news or information displayed at the top is “Need to Know.” 

It also provides topics of equal importance, like the new COVID-19 vaccine. BY scrolling down the page, other topics are present in the “In the Know” section. 

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These include sports, entertainment, culture, science and technology, business and markets, politics, and world affairs. Text blocking, visual design, and style allow the reader to read and pass over everything easily. 

Some issues fall into categories like “Weekend Reading” or “In-Depth.” These topics are optional but no less critical topics to be read. These are not permanent features; these articles will come and go.


One of the things that 1440 News doesn’t do is sugarcoating. They provide purely representational news rather than interpretive news. 

It represents the most important facts and figures and allows you to decide what to do. In short, it’s seeking fuel for intelligence or for those who want to get knowledge rather than just scrolling. 

The news they provide does not shape your opinion, favoring policies over politics. Other agencies can hardly do this: representational over-abstraction and absolute rather than conditional. 

It’s not uncommon for news outlets to strive for in-depth reporting and information sharing, but they often have agendas, especially political ones. 

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