Who Owns Buick?

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If you’re interested in Buick, you might be curious about who owns Buick. Irrespective of whether you’re the honored owner of a Buick in the UK or simply admiring the craftsmanship from afar. Either way, knowing who owns this vehicle manufacturer 

Buick is a long-running American vehicle manufacturer that has faced many transformations through the years. Today, it is a subsidiary of General Motors. However, General Motors was not the brand’s initial owner. In fact, Buick has changed ownership numerous times since its founding in 1903.

So who owns a Buick today? Read on to find out!

What Is Buick?

Buick is an American car brand known for its luxury vehicles and is known for its professional and innovative approach. In fact, the manufacturer has been manufacturing superb vehicles for over 100 years.

Buick started making automobiles in 1903, a time of fantastic automobile technology. The company then transferred its plant from Detroit to Michigan. At this time, the company created the Buick Design B as its flagship vehicle and mark of excellence. Twenty years later, Buick produced its one-millionth vehicle in the nick of time to celebrate its 20th wedding anniversary.

Through the leadership of its founder David Dunbar Buick, the Buick brand has become a widespread favourite in the US.

Who Owns Buick?

Some say it’s General Motors, while others claim it’s actually owned by a Chinese company. So who really owns Buick?

The answer is actually pretty complicated. Buick is technically owned by General Motors. However, the Chinese government owns shares in the company. This is because General Motors also owns a Chinese company called SAIC Motor Corporation.

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So while Buick may be technically owned by GM, the Chinese government does have a say in how the company is run. This arrangement has worked out well for both GM and China, and it doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.


There have been many different owners of Buick throughout the years.  The earliest known owner was David Dunbar Buick. David Dunbar Buick is actually the founder of the Buick Motor Company. Since then, there have been several different owners of Buick, including William C. Durant and Walter P. Chrysler.

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