Who Owns Cîroc?

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If you enjoy alcoholic drinks, you may have tried Cîroc and wondered, “Who owns Cîroc?”. It is no secret that Cîroc has gained massive popularity in the beverage industry within a short time. But who owns it?

Jean-Sebastien Robicquet is the founder and owner of Cîroc. Diageo distributes Cîroc, a British multinational alcohol drinks manufacturer. Cîroc produces and distributes alcoholic beverages quite differently than its competitors. The brand offers various products ranging from vodka to vodka-flavored products. Cîroc’s vodka features one of the highest ABV concentration levels in the vodka market, making it one of a kind.

Next, we’ll examine this popular vodka brand.

What is Cîroc?

Cîroc is a French alcoholic beverages brand. The name Cîroc derives from the French word ”Cime,” meaning peak.

Jean Sebastien Robicquet, a French oenologist, master-distiller, and entrepreneur, founded the French alcoholic beverages company, Cîroc in 2003. 

Diageo, a British multinational alcoholic drink manufacturing company, distributes Cîroc. Cîroc vodka is different from other vodka brands because it comes from Mauzac grapes rather than corn, potatoes, or grains. 

The vodka is distilled to the highest ABV concentration levels, about 96 %. Cîroc’s vodka goes through distillation five times.  

Cîroc specializes in vodka and flavored vodka with more than 70 flavors. They introduced two of their most famous flavor variants, Coconut (silver) and Red Berry (red), in 2010. 

Other popular variants of Cîroc include Apple (green)s, Snap Frost (blue), and Mango (pink). DJ Khaled and French Montana signed as the brand ambassador of the alcoholic beverages company. 

Who Owns Cîroc?

The alcoholic beverages company was founded and owned by Frenchman Jean- Sebastien Robicquet. He belongs to a family that has indulged in wine-growing in the region of Bordeaux since the 17th century. 

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Sebastien Robicquet studied wine-making at a university before starting his alcohol brand. He started his career by working with Hennessy, a French cognac maker. 

Robicquet worked there for more than ten years. Robicquet then received an approach from Diageo, a UK- based multinational alcoholic beverages company with 34% shares of Hennessy.

They wanted to produce a special kind of vodka derived from grapes instead of potatoes or grain usually used in most vodka. 

The Great Council of Bordeaux has recognized the owner of Cîroc, Jean- Sebastien Robicquet, as a Commander of Bordeaux for his accomplishments in liquor or wine. 


The French alcoholic drinks company, Cîroc, produces some of the most popular alcoholic beverages. The specialty of Cîroc’s vodka is that it comes from specifically-grown French grapes rather than grains or potatoes. The Robicquet family has been involved in the wine business for more than four centuries. 

Unlike other vodka brands, Cîroc vodka comes from grapes rather than corn, potatoes, or grains, making it unique among vodka brands. According to the formulation, The ABV level of this vodka is exceptionally high, at 96 %. The Vodka of Cîroc goes through distillation five times during the distillation process.

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