Who Owns Cummins?

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Those interested in distributing engines and power generation products may have wondered who owns Cummins. Many people prefer the Cummins brand over its competitors regarding engines and power generation products. 

Consumers prefer Cummins because of its high reliability, better performance, and easy maintenance. But who is behind this excellent brand? Cummins Inc. and Kirloskar Group own the Cummins brand. It began in 1919 by Clessie Lyle Cummins and J. Irwin Miller. Founded in America in 1919, Cummins is a multinational company specializing in engines, filtration products, and power generation products.

What Is Cummins?

Cummins is a multinational company in America that deals with filtration and power generation products. It is a powerful brand that designs, prepares, sells, and provides services for engines from 2.8 to 95 liters using diesel or alternative fuel. 

This brand also offers electrical generators ranging from 2.5 to 3500 KW, related parts, and technology. Cummins is well known as its all products are good, especially its engines are considered superior truck engines. 

Because of their horsepower, torque to tow heavy loads, and highly durable property. It is also considered the king of torque. Generators offered by Cummins have a fuel supply with return oil; one valve makes it safe to use. 

Its variable oil pump with a channel tube can adjust the amount of oil according to pressure. It can also balance the amount of oil entering and leaving the engine to improve its performance and economy of the engine. 

Cummins diesel engines have excellent diesel engines that make high-capacity generators. It reaches 80% of capacity.

Who Owns Cummins?

Cummins Inc. and Kirloskar Group have the most ownership of the Cummins brand. It is also a misconception that auto manufacturers like Ford or Chrysler own Cummins, which is untrue. 

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Cummins is an independent brand that designs, manufactures, and markets diesel and alternative-fueled ranges like the natural gas-powered engine. 

The Cummins generator set provides low vibration and low noise and has a stable operation with good efficiency. You will also experience better performance, long service life, and complete air intake.

People prefer Cummins because its products and techniques are high reliability, ferrous cast elasticity, and easy to maintain. 

Cummins generators and engines have characteristics of small size, different specifications, stable performance, convenient part supply, and maintenance. Compared to other diesel-generating brands, Cummins sets are superior to all.


If you are looking for a cohesive, unified, and strengthened brand, then choose only Cummins for both products, including engines and generators. You will get a good experience and continuously depend on it for products. 

Cummins products are superior to other company products like TATA, CAT, and Duramax. Its engines and generators, either diesel or fuel, benefit other engines and generators. 

The product offered by Cummins has a low-pressure oil pipeline that causes high efficiency, high-pressure injection, high reliability, and minor failure. It is also suitable for the connection of various transmission requirements.

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