Who Owns DC Shoes?

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“Who owns DC Shoes” is the first question that many customers ask when they see the high-end quality of DC Shoes. The DC shoe brand provides the best quality and best customer service. Therefore, the product at DC shoes is in great demand.

Quiksilver owns DC Shoes, while its founders are Ken Block and Damon Way. DC stood for Droors Clothing before DC discontinued its relationship with Droors Clothing due to losses sustained in the sale of its products. The company altered its name and became DC Shoes. It is one of the largest companies in the sector, with approximately 5700 employees.

What is DC Shoes?

DC Shoes is an American company that manufactures footwear, including action sports. Apart from Shoes, it also produces apparel, bags, accessories, etc. Ken Block and Damon Way invented the DC Shoes. 

They met during college class and started work on a series of startups. They began with Eightball clothing, Blunt Magazine, and type A Snowboards and Droors clothing. Droors clothing then emerged as DC shoes over subsequent years.

This company has approximately 5700 employees. DC stands for Droors Clothing, but it no longer has a connection with Droors and switches to DC shoes. The story behind this is that DC represents the first skaters named Danny Way and Colin Mckay, sponsored by the company.

Who Owns DC Shoes?

Quiksilver is the owner of DC Shoes. As DC stands for Droors Clothing, DC no longer ties to Droors due to losses in the sale of Droors Clothing. 

It simply changed ownership to DC Shoes, Inc. Later, in 2004, Quicksilver acquired the brand in an approximately $87 million transaction.

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 Also, the Shoes offered by this brand come with excellent comfort, good arch support, and flexible uppers. It provides accessible accommodation for wide feet. 

They have all the characteristics of dependable, reliable, and noteworthy shoes. In 2014, Miller made a public announcement about his first professional shoe product with the DC brand. 

DC Shoes manufactured it after the company had sponsored Miller for six years, and it was titled the “Matt Miller “S.” 

At the beginning of 2014, the skate team of the DC Shoes started a multi-country tour titled “Defy Convention Asia.” The DC Shoes global skateboarding team announced in 2014 that Robert and Funkhouser had been added to the amateur team.


DC Shoes products like clothing, footwear, and bags. And they have a solid marketing strategy, through which they built an outstanding team of skateboarding, snowboarding, and motor class athletes that increase its promotion and develop its signature products. 

Their products have expanded to men, women, kids skateboarding, lifestyle shoes, apparel, outerwear, and accessories. The demand for DC Shoes products continues to increase as they provide the best quality and best customer service. 

Further, they support top pros’ needs, where style meets performance, durability meets affordability. That is why every athlete wants to buy DC products. So it is worth shopping from DC Shoes because of its quality.

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