Who Owns Food Lion?

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You probably know of Food Lion if you shop at grocery stores frequently and might ask, “who owns Food Lion?” There are many grocery store chains in the United States, but one of the biggest is Food Lion. Food Lion products are naturally flavored, organic, and free from artificial preservatives and dyes. But who is behind this brand?

Ahold Delhaize LLC. is the owner of Food Lion. It was founded in 1957 by Brown Ketner, Wilson Smith, and Ketner. With Food Lion’s best policies, the company can offer consumers low prices consistently without sacrificing profit margins. The company was called “Food Town,” but eventually, it changed its name to Food Lion.

What Is Food Lion?

Food Lion is a grocery store chain containing thousands of grocery stores in various states of America. Initially, Food Lion was known as “Food Town.” 

A new name changed from food town was chosen because the Belgian chain Delhaize had a lion logo, which also shows uniqueness in its name. One most important thing was that it could also save money from changing the signs on the store. 

Who Owns Food Lion?

Ahold Delhaize LLC owns food Lion company. Most Food Lion items are natural, organic, and made without artificial preservatives or synthetic colors. 

It also offers everyday low prices to consumers. However, it can still get the highest profits in the supermarket industry due to its best policies. 

However, in 1992 its profit growth decreased dramatically due to negative media coverage and labor conflicts in some new markets. 

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During its first decade, the company tried many policies to entertain its customers like contests, free pancakes, beauty pageants, trading stamps, and promotions that caught customers’ attraction but all in vain. 

At that time, Food Lion had just seven stores. However, currently, Food Lion is quite famous in America. The affordable pricing and quality products at Food Lion make it more trendy than its competitors. 


Food Lion has employed different tactics to grow. Stores of Food Lion chain have adopted a new style of design and décor in North Carolina. The first featured design and décor were colorful tiles with signage in the store and yellow-brown walls that complement the design. 

They applied various designs and décor to 78 of their stores. They used additional plans to redevelop 162 Raleigh, North Carolina, market locations. 

The last design featured tan and white, yellow-colored walls with signage in the store. Food Lion stores have taken environmental initiatives by reducing approximately 50% of food waste by composting, recycling plant and animal feed, and 50% reduction in carbon emission. 

It also started a food rescue initiative through donations of more than 300 million meals to food gatherings. They have been named an “Energy Star Partner of The Year” for their sustainability effort.

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