Who Owns Pornhub?

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If you want to know who owns Pornhub, this article will help. Even though Pornhub does not have the greatest number of visitors to its website, it still hosts more videos than nearly any other site. But who is behind this website?

Pornhub is owned and operated by a company called MindGeek. Pornhub is a website developed by Keezer that is part of InterHub and was released to the public in 2007. Several years later, in 2010, Fabian Thylmann acquired Keezer’s company and merged it with his own to create MindGeek.

Let’s find out more about this unique platform.

What Is Pornhub?

Pornhub is an online pornographic website that a Canadian company owns. There were estimates that Pornhub’s traffic numbered 10th out of all websites globally. In contrast, the website’s traffic ranked third in the pornographic niche.

The website originated in Montreal, Canada, launched in 2007. Limassol, Cyprus, is another location where Pornhub has offices and servers. Several countries have blocked access to the site, including India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, etc. 

The company offers many products: virtual reality porn and the Pornhub Awards. Several reports have appeared on the internet claiming Pornhub hosts non-consensual pornography. 

A lawsuit and sex trafficking charges led to the shutdown of the high-profile channels which the company hosted. Some of these incidents have resulted in criticism of the company’s response.

Payment processors Mastercard and Visa were forced out of Pornhub in December 2020 after a New York Times article published about such content. 

Due to that, Pornhub has gotten rid of all videos originating from unverified users. As a result, the amount of content decreased from 13 million to 4 million videos.

Who Owns Pornhub?

MindGeek is the owner of Pornhub. Keezer launched the website Pornhub on 25 May 2007 as a part of Interhub. Later, Fabian Thylmann bought the company in 2010 and merged it with Manwin’s company, which is now called MindGeek. 

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Feras Antoon and David Tassillo oversee the company’s operations. Thylmann sold his stake in 2013 to them. Among MindGeek’s numerous pornographic websites, Pornhub is the prime of the company’s offerings. 

Even though Pornhub doesn’t possess the highest number of visitors to its website, it hosts more video content than any other site. Visitors can browse a variety of pornographic videos on the website. 

They can choose from both professional and amateur videos. It also allows users to share videos and vote “like” or “dislike” as they desire. 

The site also offers the option for users to register a free Pornhub account, allowing them to upload videos, comment on videos and download them.


Pornhub is a web-based site dedicated to pornographic content operated by a Canadian company. Statistically, Pornhub’s traffic was estimated to come in tenth place out of all global websites. 

Pornhub is the most prominent pornographic website offered by MindGeek, among the many websites the company has to offer. 

Pornhub has been the subject of several reports alleging its involvement in non-consensual pornography. Several high-profile channels that the company hosted were shut down due to a lawsuit and sex trafficking charges.

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