Who Owns The Ritz Carlton?

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Ritz Carlton might be familiar to frequent travelers and hotel guests, and they might wonder, “who owns the Ritz Carlton?” One of the most prominent luxury hotel chains globally is the Ritz Carlton.

Founded in 1983, the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company owns and operates Ritz Carlton hotels worldwide. At the same time, Marriott International is the brand’s parent company. Since the company began in 1983, the company has built more than 100 hotels and resorts in several countries. With 46 hotels in the pipeline, these hotels will provide 8,765 additional rooms.

What Is Ritz Carlton?

 The Ritz Carlton is among the world’s most well-known luxury hotel chains. The hotel combines a stately atmosphere with a high level of service. The traditional Ritz Carlton lobby created a feeling of exclusivity and intimacy, similar to a country club. 

Ritz-Carlton hotels in modern times embrace that luxury ambiance while also allowing pets and families to stay. Accordingly, the Ritz Kids program at the hotel has earned a reputation as one of the best kids clubs in the industry.

Despite opening many branches and expanding to other countries, the brand changed hands several times. To this day, Ritz Carlton hotels are committed to providing guests the ultimate luxury experience through a truly memorable stay. 

In total, Ritz Carlton hotels operate in more than 30 countries. Further, there is a classic elegance to the Ritz-Carlton, complete with dark wood, luxurious furnishings, and baths with marble.

Who Owns the Ritz Carlton?

Ritz Carlton Hotel Company is a corporation that owns and operates hotels under the Ritz Carlton brand worldwide. Ritz Carlton Hotel Company is part of Marriott International

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The company has built several luxurious hotels and resorts worldwide since it started in 1983. César Ritz, a Swiss hotelier of the late nineteenth century, dreamed of creating the Ritz Carlton Hotel. 

As a result, Ritz realized his dream and began to open luxury hotels across the continent. During this time, there were no luxury hotels on the European continent. Richton’s hotels provide guests with outstanding amenities, outstanding service, and the best dining experience.

César Ritz’s dream laid the foundation for building The Ritz Carlton Hotel. One of the first Ritz Carlton Hotels to open was the Ritz in Paris. After that, another Ritz Carlton Hotel opened in London.


A part of Marriott International, the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company owns and operates hotels worldwide. Since its foundation in 1983, the Ritz Carlton company has constructed some of its most luxurious hotels. 

Rooms in Ritz Carlton hotels start at about 450 square feet and offer plenty of space, with king or queen beds. The more spacious suites often come with about 1,000 square feet or a larger living area. Each room also has a feather bed with toppers and linens woven.

Since it first opened its doors in 1983, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company has been managing its hotels globally under the Ritz Carlton brand.

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