Who Owns Snapple? 

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If you frequently drink tea or other beverages, you might know about Snapple and ask, “Who owns Snapple? Snapple is one of the most recognizable brands globally because of its distinctive taste in beverages. In the beginning, Snapple was a cool-themed brand, and that brand identity continues today. But who owns it?

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is the owner of Snapple. Dr. Pepper & Keurig Green Mountain announced in 2018 that they had merged. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group came into existence after that merger. Snapple has seen great success since then. The brand Snapple produces a wide range of tea and beverages.

This article will explore the finer details of this famous beverage brand.

What Is Snapple?

Snapple is a brand of tea and juice beverages and was formed in 1972. Three friends, including Arnold Greenberg, Hyman, and Leonard Marsh, were behind the creator of Snapple. 

Initially, it was first known as Unadulterated Food Products. The brand has gained some notoriety through several pop culture references, such as TV shows. 

It is among the most sizable integrated business beverage companies. Snapple has always been one of those brands that pay attention to quality. 

Dr. Pepper owns the brand and models, including soft drinks and bottling. The prime distribution of this brand is in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. 

In 2009, Snapple was sued by a California consumer. The allegation claimed that high fructose corn syrup was present in the Snapple drinks, making them unhealthy. 

Additionally, it deceives consumers by using names that make them believe that some aspects of healthy drinks are present when they are not.

Who Owns Snapple? 

Snapple is owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, a leading North American beverage company. Keurig Dr. Pepper was the first to bring hot and cold drinks under the same hood on a large scale. 

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However, Keurig Green Mountain and Dr. Pepper underwent a merger in 2018. Keurig Dr. Pepper emerged as a result of that merger. 

The Pepper Snapple Group has over $11 billion in annual sales and employs nearly twenty-seven thousand people. Over 125 hot and cold drinks are available to meet the needs of virtually any consumer at any time. 

A solid sales and distribution network helps Snapple proliferate. The company separated from Cadbury in 2008.


Snapple is a very famous beverage brand. It started as a fun, cool-themed brand, and it still carries that identity. It is an iconic company that is determined to work and increase the sales and value of its products. Initially, Arnie Greenberg, Leonard Marsh, and Hyman Golden started selling apple juice behind their parents’ pickle shop in the 1970s. 

At the time, young, health-conscious New Yorkers had no shortage of upcoming brands to choose from. Still, Snapple’s sweet simplicity, quality, and affordability made it stand out. 

Snapple has always employed a funky, fun advertising and marketing style, making it attractive to the younger generation.

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