Who Owns Sugar Factory?

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If you love eating candy, you might be familiar with Sugar Factory and wonder: Who owns Sugar Factory? People, especially kids, love eating candy and sugary items, which has allowed Sugar Factory to gain a good reputation. It allowed Sugar Factory to expand in various areas quickly. But who has ownership of the brand?

Charissa Davidovici is the owner of Sugar Factory. Sugar Factory is a candy store and a restaurant chain operated by professionals. This brand was founded in 2009 from a small store. Its menu includes a variety of sweet products, and it offers an exciting experience to its guests.

Let’s take a closer look at this beloved brand and delve deeper.

What is Sugar Factory?

Sugar Factory operates a chain of candy stores and restaurants. It offers a unique experience filled with the sweet products on its menu. 

Further, the menu would not have been complete without alcohol-injected over-the-top incense sticks. The restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere and attractive walls that extend from floor-to-ceiling that are a perfect visual treat. 

Creative and playful menus make Sugar Factory even more active and cheery. The menu presents the iconic monster burgers along with rainbow sliders. 

Specialty pizzas and insane milkshakes are also among its popular products. Sugar Factory might send you straight to a sugar coma as it is a perfect sweet escape. 

Sugar Factory started as a candy store in 2009 before former teacher owner Charissa Davidovici expanded into a candy store and restaurant combo. The brand offers a more oversized smoking mug, a wacky milkshake, and an interactive experience.

Who Owns Sugar Factory?

Sugar Factory owner Charissa Davidovici built an empire of sugar, Sugar Factory, herself. She turned sugar into luxury entertainment and opened a flagship store in Las Vegas. 

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Founder Charissa Davidovici swept the world in 2009 when she and her family opened a powdered sugar factory in Las Vegas at the time. 

They welcomed the first flagship store on the Las Vegas Strip a year later. She says that Sugar Factory came up while discussing sweets at a supper. She realized that candy was one of everyone’s favorite things. 

Due to this, she created Sugar Factory. Charissa Davidovici also wanted to combine sweets to bring excitement to everyone’s experience. She wanted to create an experience unlike the typical restaurants and pastry shops.


Sugar Factory is one of the most fun candy places in the country. It is a kid’s dream come true. Its founder has a big vision for running this company, and it is destined to boom shortly. 

The extensive menu at Sugar Factory accommodates all guests, and all specialty candy cocktails can be alcohol-free for kids and teenagers. Guests love to order their specialty goblets, as the magic happens when the waiter pours them into each table. 

The environment is bright, vibrant, and always fun, with your favorite songs, celebrations, and gorgeous designs. Due to this, Sugar Factory is famous among people of all ages.

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