Who Owns Supré?

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You must have shopped at Supré if you’re a fan of fast fashion and wondered, “Who owns Supré?” Supré fashion has become extremely popular among women because of its affordable price point, quality and uniqueness. But who has ownership of this great fashion brand?

Supré is an Australian-owned brand that is part of the Cotton On group. In 1984, Hans and Helen van der Meulen founded the company to sell clothing and accessories. The Supré brand is more than just a fashion label; it is a brand dedicated to empowering women. 

Let’s discover more about this amazing footwear and apparel brand.

What is Supré?

Supré is an Australian fast fashion women’s wear chain that produces a variety of fantastic fashion items. Supré offers products at an affordable price to appeal to the young generation.

At Supré, the brand exists to give girls and women access to the fashion they have always desired and loved. Supré does all this while doing good deeds along the way. 

Every day the brand is taking small yet essential steps to do things for people, communities, and the planet, to make the lives of others better. Supré is creating fashion that is accessible to everyone. 

Its fashion statement is to take girls wherever they are going, in style. Supré is more than just a fashion brand. And it wants to make this world a better place by empowering women. The Supré brand is massively popular in Australia, but it is also trendy in other parts of the world.

Who Owns Supré?

The Cotton On Group owns Supré, which is proud to be Australian-born. Hans and Helen Meulen founded the company. 

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Cotton On pays homage to, respects, and conveys respect and gratitude for thousands of years of nurturing and protecting the country’s land, waters, and cultures to the ambitious elders. 

The company recognizes that its Global Support Center is in Wadawurrung. Cotton On pays a massive tribute to the people of Wadawurrung and appreciates their everlasting connection to land, water, language, and traditions. 

The brand also believes in the equal rights of all children. Because of this firm belief, Supré supports health, welfare, and educational programs in all supported communities wherever possible. 

Cotton On strives to break and remove barriers to maintain the children’s health and school life, who are our future. That is the true goal of this company.

Cotton On has proudly received donations of over $120 million to make a positive impact on communities around the world since 2007.


Supré is more than just a fashion statement. It is a recognizable brand that believes in providing affordable, stylish wear for young girls to look stylish wherever they go. 

Similarly, the owner of Supré is more than just a fashion company. It is a very socially and morally active organization striving to bring change in our world. 

The Supré Foundation funds and collaborates with charity partners determined to educate, support, and empower girls and women worldwide. The brand is committed to being inclusive in everything it does. 

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