Who Owns Hilton Hotels?

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If you are curious to know who owns Hilton Hotels, this article is for you. There are many hotel brands, but Hilton Hotels is one of the largest. Hilton’s service and pricing make it one of many customers’ top choices.

The current owner of Hilton Hotels is Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. Conard Hilton founded Hilton Hotels and is known as the company’s first owner. Christopher J. Nassetta became the new owner of Hilton after Conard Hilton died in 1979. Hilton Hotels is one of the world’s largest hotels and resorts, with more than 100 destinations worldwide.

What Is Hilton Hotels?

Hilton Hotels is a US-based multinational hospitality company having a global presence. The company runs and franchises a comprehensive portfolio of resorts and hotels. 

Conard Hilton laid the foundation of the Hilton Hotels 102 years ago, in May 1919, in Texas. Since its foundation, the company had its headquarters in California till 2009. 

The current center of the multinational hospitality corporation is in Virginia, United States. Hilton Hotels has more than 6000 properties in its portfolio in 110+ territories and countries across the world. 

Out of 6000+ properties worldwide, more than 5000 are managed by the franchises, while the corporation itself manages the rest. The properties of the Hilton hotels have more than 980,000 rooms. 

In 2013, Forbes ranked Hilton Hotels the 36th biggest public corporation in the United States. Hilton Hotels Corporation has 18 brands, including Hilton Hotels and Resorts. 

Who Owns Hilton Hotels?

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc is the current owner of Hilton Hotels. Conard Hilton was the founder and the first owner of the Hilton Hotels Corporation. In 1919, he purchased the company’s first hotel in Texas named Mobley Hotel, having only 40 rooms. 

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After the success of Mobley Hotel, Conard Hilton continued to buy more hotels in successive years. In 1946, Hilton had bought enough hotels, including the Plaza Hotel and the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. 

He laid the foundation of a hospitality company named Hilton Hotels Corporation. Conard Hilton died in 1979, at the age of 91 years. Christopher J. Nassetta now leads Hilton Hotels Corporation. 

At present, Hilton Hotels is a public company. The most prominent stakeholder of the corporation is HNA Group.


To sum up, Hilton Hotels is one of the largest multinational hospitality corporations in the world. Conard Hilton laid the foundation of this giant corporation in 1919 with a 40-room hotel in Texas. 

This brand caters to business and leisure travelers and offers hotels near major cities. You can find Hilton Hotels in popular vacation destinations worldwide, near airports and convention centers.

You might be surprised at how complicated Hilton Hotel ownership is. And there is no Hilton family involvement anymore.

The corporation has many public shareholders, led by Christopher J. Nassetta. Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. owns Hilton Hotels, and it is mainly owned by pension funds, mutual funds, and insurance companies. 

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